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The Best International Theme Parks

The majesty of Mongolia

One of the most beautiful places in the world lies between China and Russia, a place where you can see the blend of both countries set against the backdrop of a culture and landscape all its own. The spectacular nature of this country is dwarfed perhaps only by its remoteness, as one of the least

Berlin, a European gem

When it comes to charmed ex-pat destinations, Berlin, Germany, is at the top of the list. Living in Berlin gives you a home base from which to explore the beauty that Europe has to offer. Berlin is notoriously less expensive than other European cities and is full of artistic and historical culture. Creative types will find

Spotlight on South Africa

For many travelers and would-be ex-patriates, there are some locations in the world that seem a go-to for living: Southeast Asia for the beautiful weather, low cost of living and friendly people; South America, perhaps, for the excellent food and economic opportunities there. But another excellent destination for foreigners is South Africa, a country with

Romantic Vacations for Adventure Lovers

What made you fall in love? If the answer is because you are both adventure lovers than we have some great ideas for you! Romantic getaways usually bring to our minds scenic places where lovers can relax and enjoy each other’s company but why go along with the common trend? Here are some places to