Georgia Yellow Stone National Park – The Perfect Vacation for Nature Lovers

Georgia YellowStone National Park

Georgia Yellow Stone National Park

The Yellow stone national park was set up by the US Congress in the year 1872. This national park is primarily located in the Wyoming state and also extends to Idaho and Montana. The Yellow stone is considered to be the first and foremost national park in the entire world. It is well-known for its various wildlife and geothermal features, specially the Old Faithful Geyser, which is one of the most popular attractions among the tourists. One can find thousands of structures that are constructed to preserve and protect the historical and architectural significance of the place.

The yellow stone national park is said to cover around 8983 km square and comprises of picturesque canyons, lakes, mountain ranges and rivers. It is also one of the biggest high-altitude lakes in entire North America and is said to be centered just over Yellowstone Caldera, which is the biggest super active volcano in the continent. This park is also said to be the centerpiece of Greater Yellow stone Eco-system, which is the biggest remaining, almost intact Eco-system in the Earth’s North Temperate Zone. One can easily find hundreds of variety species of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals in this region. This place also has various recreational opportunities for the tourists, which includes sightseeing, fishing, boating and camping. The paved roads provide easier access to the important geothermal areas including some fabulous waterfalls and lakes in the area. This place is not only a great sight for the tourists but also a fantastic one for the researchers who would like to know more about the Earth’s inner activities.

There are camps and lodges around the park that provides a comfortable stay for the tourists. They are reasonable and safe enough for the tourists to stay. This place is a haven for hikers and mountain climbers who prefer to break their own records. Reaching this place has never been a problem as this place is well connected by transport. There are around 170 species of plants to be found in this region that are exotic and non-native. Yellow stone is considered to have the best mega-fauna wildlife habitat in the world. There are mammals like the gray wolf, grizzly bears, lynx, bison, elk, mule deer, moose, black bear, pronghorn, etc. that provide a wonderful treat to the eyes of the nature lovers. Tourist expeditions are conducted from time to time, so that the tourists can view these species from close by and understand nature face to face.

The Yellowstone is also considered to be the most famous national park in the entire United States. Such is the attraction of this park that more than 2 million tourists are said to have visited this park every year, since the mid 1960s. There are hotels and lodges having a capacity of 2238 cabins and rooms that are managed by the concessionaires. This park can also be entered during the winter with the help of skis and snow mobiles.

This is indeed the perfect place for nature lovers to spend their vacation.