The Van Gogh museum – The Popular Museum as your travel destination

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam is a country of cultural and natural beauties and this country has many picturesque destinations. The Van Gogh museum is one such travel destination that is famous for its art pieces by a great artist who is popular in the world like- Vinson Van Gogh and this museum is named as his name. This museum is the main attraction of the travelers where they come every year to observe various types of art. The collections of arts are more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, different times of Van Gogh’s work and life. All these art pieces are unique and most precious models of the great artist’s work. The famous artist Rietveld design the main building of this museum and later is was built by Kishokurokawa. The most important paintings of this museum are- Sunflowers, Almond blossom that has exquisite design. The Hermitage Amsterdam is one of the buildings that have great architectural value and exhibition held there. This museum and the art pieces make your adrenaline go high!!!

Don’t think about the accommodation as many luxurious hotels are situated there for the travelers. You can choose Hotel Krasnapolsky where you can get food and luxurious rooms include with WI-Fi connection and flat screen TV with cozy beds. This hotel has a bar where you can sip your favorite drink and wonder about the art of the museum. The other hole you can choose is- Hotel Amsterdam as this hotel has great room service, well designed air conditioned room along with high speed internet connection. You can enjoy a great swim in the swimming pool in this hotel. These two hotels are traditional hotel in Amsterdam and situated more than a century ago. You can reach the Vinson Van Gogh Museum from this hotel within 20 minutes. You must think, “How easy it is to travel this world famous museum!!!”

If you are thinking about the transport mode to reach to the Amsterdam and also its popular museum, don’t worry about that. You can catch flights from other country at Amsterdam airport Schiphal and land in the heart of this country. The buses and taxis are available format he airport and they can reach you to the entrance of this popular museum. You can rent cycle or bicycle to explore the attractions of Amsterdam. One of the popular modes of transport that you can choose to reach this museum is taking tram from the Paulus Potterstruat that is easy and cheap. All the problems are solved and now you think when you want to go!!!

Vincen Van Gogh’s Museum in Amsterdam is the main attraction of the painters and artist as they can get motivation from the art of great artists, Van Gogh. You must hear about this famous painter and this place will give you the opportunity to learn about the work of this artist besides you can experience about the varieties of work. You should visit this place once in a lifetime for its value of art. You should remember the great line that is- “don’t leave the opportunity that you have!!!”