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3 of the Strangest Experiences You Can Have While Traveling

It was William Hazlitt who said that a journey is a voluntary form of self-alienation – an escape from the familiar and a quest for something refreshingly new. And yet, he also notes that every journey and destination must have some tinge of familiarity, if only to comfort the traveler and keep him grounded. Every

Cheaper means excellent at Yasawa Islands, Fiji

                                                                               Traveling on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the best places in the world. In fact, there are so many secret destinations that are not that popular yet. Even if the world is getting smaller everyday, trust me, there are still wonderful places that are left almost untouched by humans. Nah,

Exploring the Diverse Papua New Guinea

There is one way to describe Papua New Guinea and the perfect word to describe it is diversity. The country has an astounding 700 languages and 600 islands rich with cultural diversity. This phenomenal place has numerous ‘untouched’ sites where tourists can really convene with nature. Not only is the people and culture unique in