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Hiking in the Eastern States

Hiking in the eastern states of the US means that you have a wide variety of destinations. Narrowing down your choices can be difficult, but here are a few trails located among the eastern states that you might want to consider for your next trip: The Great Smoky Mountains Hiking the Great Smoky Mountains is

The 5 Most Vegetarian-Friendly Countries in the World

Food is one of the best parts of traveling, so why should carnivores hog all the fun? These are some countries that will have even your most bacon loving buds begging for vegetarian seconds. Here is a list of the five most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world. India India is home to seventy percent of the world’s

5 places you must visit on a trip to the US West Coast

                                                                          The West Coast of America consists a whole bucket list worth of holiday material. With so much to choose from, visitors are spoilt for choice. From the glitzy lights of Las Vegas to the movie star land of Hollywood, Los Angeles, there is something in the West Coast to suit all kinds of curious

Best nightlife cities in America

                                                            Photo by Alex Prykhodko via Depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation, different spots offer different benefits. However, for those outgoing individuals looking for the best nightlife cities in America, there are some clear choices that are sure to please wild tourists. A hip locale, Miami Beach combines exciting nightlife with breathtaking

Flying to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic

                                                                                                 Flying with Virgin Atlantic has always been synonymous with a high quality airline but how do they fare against other long haul airlines now that there are so many to choose from? We look at what you get on a Virgin flight to Orlando Airport in their different levels of cabin, and whether they

Great places in the Caribbean? Look no further…

The Caribbean paints pictures in the mind of white sandy beaches, a bright blue sea and a relentless sun. Well the good news is that the picture in your head actually exists, and on top of that the people from the Caribbean are some of the friendliest in the world, so why would you not

Viva Las Vegas!

Let’s face it – you’re going to go to Las Vegas at least once in your life. Thereafter; it’s a love it or hate it type of thing – you either keep coming back again and again, or once is quite enough depending on your disposition. A trip to Vegas can be very much a

Exploring the Southwest: Tours You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Trekking the great heights of the Grand Canyon is a must for every person in the world with wanderlust. Its marvelous landscapes and geological wonders, according to the National Parks Service, attract five million visitors annually. Aside from the Grand Canyon, other tourist spots in the Southwest are the Hoover Dam and several Native American

5 Reasons why Las Vegas can make a Great Family Holiday

You may think that because Las Vegas is the world center of gambling, nightlife and burlesque shows, it’s a nightmare for a family getaway. Think again, because Las Vegas has so many attractions that make it a wonderful family vacation destination. Located in the state of Nevada, USA, there’s a lot more to Vegas that

Visiting British Columbia: Great Things to Do in Vancouver

It’s easy to see why thousands of people flock to Canada to see its majestic beauty every year. The landscapes are simply astounding and as the country with the largest coastline in the world, it’d take a fair while to see it all. Breaking down your visits can help you to see as much as