Come Home To Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town

It may sound like an advertisement from a travel brochure but there is indeed something for everyone at Cape Town, South Africa’s premier travel destination. Even a week’s visit to this wonderful city is not enough and as you return you will yearn for more. The hospitality and the scenic beauty will touch the core of your heart and you will be left wondering whether there is any other place in the world as beautiful as this.

There is so much to do here – spend time in the lush green outdoors, visit the Table Mountain, laze around in the beach or savor the delicacies in one the many restaurants in Cape Town. If you have time sip a glass of wine at the Cape Winelands. Just take a few minutes to read through this article and you will understand what you have missed till now. It is not possible to fully describe Cape Town in such few words but we have tried to show how spectacular it is.

A tour to Cape Town will ideally start with a visit to the landmark tourist attraction – the Table Mountain that overlooks the busy city. You can then move on to the historic Robben Island and then laze around in the Blue Flag beaches. Cape Town is not bereft of natural attractions and you can actually spend a whole weekend exploring the Table Mountain. With the aerial cableway you can easily access the attraction and even visit the much celebrated Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The beaches are quite famous here and they are world famous for its surfing waves and the beautiful white sands.

If you thought that South Africa is not the ideal place for shopaholics then you are absolutely wrong. You need to come to canal Walk to explore the wide array of shops or go to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront to browse through the many V&A shops. Though V&A is not particularly cheap, the experience of shopping and dining here will simply floor you. However, you can find cheaper options elsewhere in the city.

Cape Town has lots of urban attractions which include great sidewalks, walking tours, bars and pubs, Greenmarket Square for bargain hunting and lots of restaurants and local shops. If you have still time left in your schedule then you must visit the Cape Winelands. This is a great way to spend an afternoon and savor a fine meal in one of the wine estates. End your meal with a sip of the famous chardonnay.

Already overwhelmed? We bet you are. There is no other city in the world which is as thrilling and engrossing as Cape Town. Many foreigners have relocated here and you will feel the same when you realize that two weeks is not enough time to enjoy Cape Town fully. If you are visiting Cape Town for the first time then let me warn you that you will have a hard time to leave this city and you may feel an uncontrollable urge to settle in this magical and charming city.