10 Reasons to go on a Surfing Holiday in the UK


Surfing instruction on Fistral Beach by Derek Harper

When you think of surfing the UK isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind. Usually Australia and USA are considered before old Blighty, but we’re here to argue the case for going surfing in the UK. We’ve got some amazing surf spots scattered around our coastlines that are just begging to be explored with a board.

1. It makes you look awesome

Let’s get this out of the way first. Surfing makes you look awesome. Whether you’re in your teens or a groovy granny, hitting the waves will upscale your cool-ranking instantly – there are no excuses to not get your board out and paddle off when you know this.

2. The beach

The beach has always been a firm favourite among holidaymakers the world over, but there are some of us that can’t stand staying still. A Surfing holiday is perfect if you’re going away with people of different tastes; mum can top up her tan on the beach while dad and the kids get stuck into surf.

3. The challenge

Surfing – no matter who you talk to – is a challenge. Not only does it test your body as you have to muster all of your strength to stay on the board and balance, but it also tests your mind – the will power needed to get back up on the board after falling repeatedly has to come from somewhere!

5. Nature

Being in the great outdoors, especially by the sea, is a pleasure that many of us don’t get to experience on a regular basis. Surfing gives you the perfect reason to enjoy being outside in all weathers – even rain.

6. The locations

There are some incredible places to surf in the UK. We have an extremely varied coastline which has some awesome surf spots. Wales, for example, has Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire where the annual Welsh surfing championship is held. The new Visit Wales site has some great advice regarding going on a surfing holiday, so check it out.


Solitary surfer at Treyarnon by Andy F

7. The culture

Surfing culture is, to say the very least, unique. We all know the stereotype – bleached blonde hair, board shorts and a necklace made of shells. The reality, however, is somewhat different in that the surfing community is as rich and diverse as any other and is in no way exclusive – everyone is welcome.

8. Bonding

One of the best reasons to go surfing is to bond with people. If you have a family or a group of friends that you want to grow closer to, then take them surfing. Learning together can really improve relationships as finding ways of working together is often a great way to break down barriers – especially if no one in the group has tried it before.

Have you surfed before? What reasons do you have to advocate surfing? Let us know in the comments!