4 Destinations Perfect For a Romantic Escape


Kenya is a beautiful country with a host of options for romantic getaways; it is no wonder that even the royalty could not resist its alluring beauty. Prince William proposed to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton in Kenya in a picturesque location tucked away in the northern slopes of Mt Kenya.

From the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya to the sprawling wilderness of the savannah grassland and to the idyllic coastline along the Indian Ocean, Kenya does not disappoint when it comes to romantic destinations.

Elephants in Kenya, photo by Ferdinand Reus, used under Creative Commons License

Elephants in Kenya, photo by Ferdinand Reus, used under Creative Commons License

The vast Masai Mara National Park offers an excellent location for animal lovers who also happen to be in love, you can stay in intimate luxury camps enjoying all the action of the wild whilst re-igniting a spark in your relationship deep in the jungle.

The Kenyan coastline is endowed with beautiful beaches, some of the beaches are privately owned while others remain public, and you can enjoy a glorious sunset in the privacy of a beach front cottage or villa or enjoy lazing along the beach along with your loved one.

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Morocco has its fair share of drama and beauty on its physical landscape, the soaring Atlas ranges, the lengthy coastline, the glimmering deserts and the intriguing cities. Leaving the natural landscapes alone, human activities have also helped shape the landscapes of Morocco, the built environment is as enticing as the natural.

Ouarzazate is a tiny town originally known for its on screen exploits such as the Asterix movie, it is inhabited by Berbers who built many of the characteristic Kasbahs found in this area. You can explore the biblical Draa valley or head to the golden dunes in the desert.

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It is hard not to mention France as one of the most romantic destination on the planet, picture its gorgeous capital and its lovers delight the iconic Eiffel Tower, the stunning rich man playground St Tropez where walking hand in hand in glamorous skimpy bathing suits is the order of the day and the impeccable countryside clothed in verdant vineyards. Nothing could possibly go wrong in a land where the gastronomic experience is nothing you have ever imagined and the sophisticated wines do add to the romance.

Saint Tropez port at night by Remi Jouan (Creative Commons)

Saint Tropez port at night by Remi Jouan (Creative Commons)

Whether you are seeking a romantic escape to the beach, the mountains, the countryside, the city or a lakeside, the options are endless in France.


India is an amazing destination for romance, it has everything that anyone could want in an romantic escape, stunning beaches, the picturesque waterways of Kerala, the opulent mansions and palaces, the ancient forts and monuments, the charming hill stations and the tranquil islands off the Goan coast.

The Kerala backwaters will melt even the heart of a stone with their stunning beauty, the lush swinging palms, the villages along the banks and the peacefully atmosphere.

The Andaman Islands are tucked away off the shore of the popular Goa coastline, it is a heaven of tranquility with spectacular flora and fauna yet secluded for those seeking a more private and stunning island romantic getaway, perfect for an Indian honeymoon.