Athens – Visiting the land of the ancient greeks



It is after the Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom ‘Athena’, that this beautiful and historical city got its name. This is also the city that is said to have been credited in history to start democracy and give birth to great thinkers like Aristotle and Plato. Greece has always been a tourist destination and people who love historical places would not miss the city of Athens. This beautiful city is said to have plenty of museums, old Greek palaces and places of historical interest. As a matter of fact, people who love history would find this place to be a historical paradise where they can spend their valuable time on researching ancient Greece and understand more about their life, culture and economy.

The country of Greece is easily accessible by water, land and air. This country has a well connected transport and the tourist can visit this beautiful country at any time of the year and enjoy what this country has to offer. Being a tourist location, the city of Athens has plenty of hotels suited to all types of tourists’ whether it is a budgeted or a luxurious one. The services rendered by the staffs of the hotels are world class and the tourists are definitely pampered from the time they set their foot in their respective accommodation in the city.  Some of the luxurious hotels in this city have rooftop scenic swimming pools where the tourist can relax on the sun lounger and watch the entire world pass by with a cool and refreshing cocktail in his hand.

There are lots of tourist attractions and it would take some time to visit the entire places of interest and satisfy oneself. The Acropolis is considered to be one of the well renowned temples of ancient Greece. This temple has several temples and the most important of them is Parthenon that is dedicated to Goddess Athena. This place is indeed a tourist delight and one can spend hours with their family or colleagues. This site also comprises of a museum and has items that were excavated from the surroundings.

There are also other interesting places in Athens that are a real treat to the eyes of the tourists. There are parks, museums, theaters and other locations where the tourist can spend their time happily. There are restaurants where the individual can enjoy the Greek traditional dishes like Moussaka and Stifado and also have the properly mixed cocktails. People who enjoy wine can enjoy these mixed cocktails and might feel like Dionysus, the ancient Greek god for wine. This city in Greece has always opened his arms wide to welcome the guests from all corners of the world and tries in every manner to make them happy and satisfied with their visits. As entertainment has always been a passion among the Greeks from the olden times, the tourists can find them in plenty and at any time of the day they can enjoy themselves and be a part of the rich culture and heritage of this city.