Discovery Panama’s Natural Gifts

The great tropical wilderness that explorers have found in Panama has not changed at all. Although the country is racing towards progress, the natural resources that were once neglected have now become attractive tourist destinations. Almost a third of the country is protected and composed of national parks, indigenous people and other fascinating natural gifts.

The great thing about going to Panama is its affordable cost especially for those on a budget. It has endless beaches, rain forests and islets for the would-be explorer while also offering reasonable accommodation and cuisine.

One of the popular destinations that seem to be drawing tourist is Bocas del Toro which is a group of 68 Caribbean Islands. These sets of Islands are unique and provide a perfect destination for surfers and back packers. There are also numerous eco-lodges that are located on the nearby islands. Considered the most special is the Tranguilo Bay eco-lodge on Isla Bastimentos which has exquisite surroundings for a vacation that would ideally suit nature fanatics. With its thick forests, porpoise and flying fish, place is a piece of heaven on earth.

Bocas del Toro (creative commons)

Bocas del Toro (creative commons)

Kayaking and snorkelling are also some great activities that can be done on the island. Lovely walks along or up Panama’s highest Mountain, Volcan Baru and along the Wuetzal trail with its gorgeous gardens and B&B’s along the way where you can enjoy specialties like corvine fish and chicharrón pork belly.

If you decide on a trip to the Archielago de las Perlas, you just might not wish to go anywhere else.  These set of islands have everything you could wish for with unlimited beaches, pristine waters and they are even home to Panama’s only volcano.

Another famous destination in Panama is the Panama Canal which can be the highlight of your vacation. Considered to be one of the most important waterways in the world, a cruise on the Panama River allows you to witness the wonder of the Pedro Miguel locks and Miraflores Locks which are the two final locks before entering the Pacific Ocean. The Bay of Panama also allows you the best views of Panama’s City’s modern skyline.

Panama Canal (creative commons)

Panama Canal (creative commons)

To add a little bit of history to your Panama adventure, visit the Panama Viejo which is the site of the original Panama City. Get a real taste of the city and visit a local fish market before you leave.

Panama is as serene and secluded as a holiday destination can get and has something to offer to everyone.





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