Safety Travel Tips for Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and tourists are blown away by its beauty. Whilst being one of the safest places to travel in South East Asia, like any other country, some dangers may be lurking if you’re not paying enough attention to your safety and well-being. This post provides some pointers.

Thailand ( creative commons)

Thailand ( creative commons)

If you’re about to travel to Thailand or you are dazzled by the idea of spending your vacation there, be sure to plan things well in advance. Choosing a well-known airline is a must for long-haul flights. Cruise the internet for the best offers and choose companies like Fly Emirates  to make sure you a comfortable and stress-free flight.

Below you’ll find some safety measures you should keep in mind when travelling to an exotic place like Thailand. First thing firsts, if you are out in jungle or bushland, avoid walking in tall grass or sticking your hand into covered places. Thailand has many species of poisonous snakes that hide everywhere they can. Many tourists have experienced snake bites while traveling to Thailand, so keep in mind this useful tip.

Thailand ( creative commons)

Thailand ( creative commons)

Also, don’t swim in the river and streams like the locals do so. There are snakes in the water, fish that bite and rocks you can hurt yourself on. The locals know the waters so best to avoid taking risks unless you are with someone who knows the area.

Drink only bottled water and avoid ice. Tap water in Thailand is not even drunk by the Thai’s so in order to prevent disease stick to bottled water only. Almost all restaurants, bars and cafes use bottled water for their ice, but they may wash salad in tap water so just bear that in mind.

Stay away from the far South of Thailand because of the political problems there. It’s not a safe place and bombs and shootings are more common than is safe to take the risk. The rest of Thailand doesn’t have these issues, so you needn’t worry if you are in the South on the islands.

Thai people are very friendly but do watch out for scams. People who visited Thailand say that 9 out of 10 locals will try to sell you something. The tenth will actually sell you something. So stay calm and shop. If you are not interested in what locals are trying to sell you, than just refuse them politely. Being rude is never the answer.

All in all travelling around Thailand is in the main safe and tourist-friendly but bear in mind these simple tips and you’ll avoid any unpleasant occurrences.


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