7 Exciting Places For The Family Holiday This Summer


The British Isles provide great avenues for incredible family holidays, from the famed capital of London littered with iconic landmarks, to the spectacular countryside of Cotswolds and the stunning west coast with its wealth of isles, your family will definitely find a great location with everything for everyone. Whether you are seeking an activity holiday, historical or even culinary, your experience in the British Isles will be exceptional.

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France is a destination that many dream about, it is a country full of exciting things to do and see. The gorgeous beaches, the enchanting countryside’s, the soaring Alps, the glamorous cities and the culinary delights do not even begin t describe the amount of fun and activities that your family can indulge in. whether seeking a countryside retreat, a family beach holiday, a city break or a camping family holiday, France’s options for families are endless.


Majorca is one of the stunning Balearic Islands with an intriguing mix of modern variety and natural beauty, perfect for a family break abroad. It is a well established summer holiday destination; it offers sun soaked beaches, lush hill retreats, safari parks, aqua pars and spectacular nature trails. For historical vultures, Majorca is proud of its rich heritage and its highlights include medieval streets, grand mansions and the Gothic Cathedral.


Alcudia, Majorca by Rob Ellis (Creative Commons)


Algarve is one of the most visited coastal regions in Portugal, for sun seekers it is home, for golfers it is a paradise and for families it is a heaven for beach activities. It has something for everyone in the family and the hospitality in the region is warm and appreciative of children. Its array of attractions is also endless from ancient ruins to scenic mountains and mouthwatering cuisines; your family summer holiday couldn’t be much exciting.


Italy is one of the top family holiday destination in Europe, with its wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural attractions, it is hard not enjoy a family vacation. It has a dramatic coastline with fine stretches of sand which offer sun and exciting beach activities for families. The mainland is full of magnificent locations worth exploration with your family during summer, medieval cities, castles, villages, grand cities and picturesque landscapes clothed with well groomed vineyards, olive groves and rustic farmhouses. There are also some excellent golf courses for the Dads if they want to sneak off for a day!


Summer and Portugal are inseparable; Portugal is blessed with fine all year round weather, spectacular beaches dotted with family friendly resorts, excellent holiday facilities and magical islands that keep luring holiday makers year after year. Whether your family is seeking a beach, island or countryside summer holiday, in Portugal, the list is endless.


Streets of Valetta Malta (creative commons)

Streets of Valetta Malta (creative commons)

Malta is a true gem on the Mediterranean and a part of the Maltese archipelago that is endowed with rich flora and fauna. Soaked up in history, picturesque villages and beautiful sandy beaches, a family summer holiday in Malta is bound to be exciting. You can spend time lazing along the beaches, go diving, explore ancient palaces and cathedrals, visiting the marine parks or discovering quaint villages.