Must-Visit Attractions in Los Angeles

Do you fancy glitz & glam? Then Los Angeles is just the right city to see and be seen. But there is also a lot to discover outside of Hollywood. Here we have the best things to do and places to visit in the City of Angels.

Venice Beach: Experience the pure beach feeling

There’s always something going on on the Venice Beach boardwalk! That is precisely how I imagined California: wide beaches, endless palm trees, and pure sunshine. Rent a bike or rent an e-scooter (you need the Lime, Lyft, or Bird app ) and drive along the beautiful beach. Also, stop at Venice Beach’s famous skate park and watch the pros show off their tricks!

Venice Canals: Visit the canals of Venice

The Venice Canals are just a few blocks from Venice Boulevard. The Venice Canals were opened in 1905 and were designed to recreate the Italian Venice of Los Angeles. Most of the canals were filled in to make roads. Although there are only 4 channels left, it is worth a visit. Not only are they a great photo backdrop, but there are also tons of beautiful houses and cute bridges to marvel at

Santa Monica: Pier & 3rd Street

Santa Monica is one of my favorite parts of Los Angeles. The pier with its famous Ferris wheel, the endless sandy beaches, and the “Baywatch” huts were absolute highlights. If your stomach growls, I highly recommend a visit to Bubba Gump. The restaurant is right on the pier and has a great view of Santa Monica Beach. 3rd Street is very close to Santa Monica Beach. If you feel like shopping after your beach break, then you’ve come to the right place. 3rd Street is a real pedestrian zone as we know it from Europe. You won’t find many of them in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Sign: The best places for your photos

What shouldn’t be missing on vacation in Los Angeles? Of course, a photo with the Hollywood Sign!

Lake Hollywood Park

From here, you have a great view of the Hollywood sign. You can easily park the car on the roadside, walk a few meters, and you will find the perfect place for the perfect photo. You are highly recommended!

North Beachwood Drive

A lovely residential area with a great view of the Hollywood Sign. The Street is full of palm trees and, therefore, a cool photo opportunity.

Beverly Hills: Discover the mansions of the super-rich

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Los Angeles has very beautiful and not beautiful areas. Beverly Hills is one of the very, very, very beautiful places in the city!

My tip: Just set off without a plan or a destination and let yourself be surprised. You will pass luxurious houses, and you will not believe your eyes. There are so many villas in Beverly Hills, just excellent! If you’re lucky, you’ll end up at one of the viewpoints of Los Angeles.

Melrose Place: Shop at Glossier

Melrose Place is a hip little neighborhood in LA. You will find big brands like Marc Jacobs, lovely small cafes (e.g., Alfred Coffee ), and acute farmers market on Sundays. I have a tip for all beauty lovers: Glossier. Emily Weiss, the blogger and founder of Glossier, is a true icon of the USA’s beauty world. The basic idea behind Glossier is to develop products for healthy skin. The store is very minimalist but very stylish, and the products are fantastic! I found the Glossier Canyon, located in a small room in the shop, incredibly cool. The model for this was Antelope Canyon in Arizona.If you love brands and want to stand next to stars and starlets in the changing room, you have to go shopping in Los Angeles, but please don’t forget your credit card. The best and most famous address for this is, of course, Rodeo Drive and its surroundings, which everyone has known since the film Pretty Woman at the latest, with the famous boutique scene on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard being filmed. Either way, everyone who likes well-known brands will find something there.

Urban Light: The lanterns in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The lanterns in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts are already one of the city’s most famous attractions. To decorate the museum’s forecourt, the artist Chris Burden had the idea of painting and setting up lanterns from the 20s and 30s in white. As it turns out, it was a brilliant idea. The lantern installation is a popular photo opportunity and is well attended at any time of the day.

Universal Studios: A magical world in the middle of LA

After you fly into LA with Cathay Pacific, Spending a day at Universal Studios is a MUST have while in Los Angeles! Because there you will become a child again and experience a day full of fun and action. In Harry Potter Village, you dive into a magical world and share a Quidditch game up close. It’s so impressive how detailed everything has been designed here. I liked Hogwarts Castle best because it made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter movie. The famous studio tour was incredibly cool. It takes about 1 hour, and you see places like Wisteria Lane (for all fans of Desperate Housewives), experience two 3D shows, an “earthquake” in San Francisco, and much, much more. The cutest show is the Animal Actors Show! Here you can see animal actors at work, a real highlight.

Walk of Fame & Rodeo Drive: A Must-See?

Good question. In my opinion, the Walk of Fame was worth seeing. It’s a beautiful street with stars on the sidewalk. It was interesting to have seen the Walk of Fame. But you don’t have to plan a lot of time for it!

Jet along the Pacific Coast Highway

There is no better way to arrive in the “City of Angels” than to cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway in a rental car on a sunny day and drive into the metropolis near Santa Monica. Ideally, you combine a vacation in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Either way, you should go a bit along the coast and visit Santa Barbara. It’s not just a two-hour drive to the small coastal town, and you will pass the famous Malibu Beach.