Brazil – Rio De Janeiro



What comes to your mind when you think you Brazil? Carnivals, Samba dance, party all night, exotic drinks and people. Ever thought of going for a vacation there? Well maybe it’s time you give it a serious thought as you are missing out on some really beautiful marvels of nature and the people of Brazil. Brazil will offer everything you can imagine for a holiday spot. You can just relax and need not to think of what you need to do as Brazil will present its own entertainment for you. With over 4000 tourist destinations you will never be bored. One such place you must check out is the Rio de Janeiro. It’s nothing short of a heaven on earth so you can never afford to miss it.

Exotic Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful colorful city in Brazil. Though it is not hugely populated it is one of the buzzing cities in Brazil. With a tropical climate it enchants its visitors with its various colors. As you go deep into its culture you will also notice a beautiful amalgamation in its flora and fauna. Culture plays a major role in its attraction and there are many activities where you can enjoy yourself. There are many tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro such as the Lagoa which is a salt water lagoon, Jardim Botanico where you can explore as many as 5000 exotic plant species, Pao de Acucar also known as Sugarloaf that is a green peak, Parque Nacional da Tijuca which is a national park and lastly the famous Statue of Christ Redeemer. You can check out the beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

Soccer frenzy

Brazil is famous for its soccer and its starry players such as Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho. So if you are a soccer fan you can never miss out the Maracana stadium which is the temple of soccer in Brazil.

Rio and its “carnaval”

If you are in Rio, you are sure to experience the most enchanting, colorful and amazingly sensuous carnival in the entire world which is the Rio carnival or the “carnaval” as it is said in Rio. Exotic dangers, shows and displays will surely throw you off your feet and will make you dance to its beats. The beating drums, exotically dressed Samba dancers, the food, music and the glitter will leave you amazed. It will also leave you with the knowledge about the Brazilian culture. All you need to do is set aside all your inhibitions and just have fun. You will not experience this feel in any other part of the world as it is the signature theme of Rio.


In Rio de Janeiro accommodation will be very easy to find as the place entertains several thousand visitors most foreign tourists in a year. You will find all modern facilities in its hotels. The best time to visit Rio would be September and October that is also the spring season. You can reach Rio from Brazil through flights.

So hope you book your ticket to Rio next time and spoil yourself. It is the perfect place for it.