Devon Family Holidays

Nothing beats a nice family holiday! It’s the perfect moment to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Plus you have the opportunity to plan a trip that is perfect for everyone in the family, from kids to grown ups.

Devon Cliffs (creative commons)

Devon Cliffs (creative commons)

Britain’s region of Devon is the best travel destination for families. There are so many activities one can do in Devon and so many ideal places to visit that everybody will be pleased with. The best thing about Devon is the fact that has amazing, breathtaking parks waiting for all the families to discover. Holiday parks in Devon have the accommodations and the fun packages that a family requires.

While in Devon, the best way to spend your holiday is by caravan. This way you can plan your holiday the way you want and have your own freedom regarding the accommodation. Caravan holidays in Devon give the opportunity to enjoy easy access to all of the attractions this unique and cultural British region has to offer. Depending on the amount of time you’re planning to stay, you are able to go across the east and west borders and see the wonderful Cornwall and Somerset areas.

Devon, Woods Park ( creative commons)

Devon, Woods Park ( creative commons)

Each caravan park in Devon has a list of recommended attractions for you to visit, local beaches where you can bask in the sun. Devon offers spectacular views throughout its coast so don’t worry ; you’ll have the chance to spend a relaxing day by the beach playing with your kids or simply walking along the cliff tops if you’re planning a more active getaway. Or simply visit all the local towns and villages and see a part of the Devon’s culture and tradition. Whatever your choice is, you’ll finish the day feeling more relaxed than ever and your kids more happy than you have ever seen them.

For those nature wilderness seekers, Exmoor or Dartmoor are the perfect spots. Both of them offer a spectacular view and fresh air outdoor activities. Dartmoor provides faboulous scenery across the country and some exhilarating hiking routes to explore!

While in Devon, you can spend your morning and afternoon on a fishing trip or having a lovely picnic with your family. This way you can spot seals, sea birds and other marine creatures.

Devon is a wonderful place waiting for you and your family to spend some nice moments and come back home with fascinating holiday memories!



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