Dillon – A Favorite Destination for All

Lake Dillion

Lake Dillion

The Dillon Reservoir is often known as Lake Dillon. It is actually a fresh water reservoir that is situated in the Summit County of Colorado and is bordered by towns of Silverthorne, Dillon and Frisco. The town of Dillon got its name from this beautiful lake Dillon. This picturesque lake has been the major source for pulling crowds from within the country and from other parts of the world. Dillon is also a famous ski town and a major attraction among the tourists.

This beautiful town was said to have been found in the mid 19th century with the discovery of gold in this area, which led to huge inflow of people from all the states in search of wealth. The town of Dillon became a trade post during those times and is currently the most populous area in the Summit County. Ski-resorts have currently become the major tourist attraction and add a vital portion to the economy of the town’s finance. The original Dillon town was destroyed and a new one was constructed in its place. However, the original town can still be noticed on the western side of the lake.

Thousands of people are said to flock to this place during the ski season. People of all ages come here to enjoy their favorite sport for which they have been waiting all the year. Getting to the city has never been a problem as this beautiful town has been connected adequately by land and air. There are plenty of hotels and lodges that have the capability to accommodate huge number of tourists during the peak season without compromising on the quality of services. The resorts here are open to the tourists all the year round and are very reasonable. The reservoir is one of the main attractions to the tourists. Snowmobiling and ice fishing are very popular during the winter months among all ages. During the summer months, the lake is open to fishing and one can easily view hundreds of small sailboats sailing or docked at a time. Many kinds of weekend racing are also conducted here, which attracts the tourists. Camping and picnic is also a favorite among many who come here on a one day trip or for their weekends.

This place is a hot favorite among sports enthusiasts as during the season many sporting activities are carried out. Boat racing, skiing, snowmobiling are some of the favorite sports that are performed here. People come here from far and near to participate in them. This is one more reason why the tourists are recommended to book their hotels much in advance to get the hotels in their desired location and at reasonable rates. Such is the beauty of this place that it attracts people at all times of the year and hence tourism has indeed overtaken gold mining as an industry. The restaurants churn out delicious food for their guests all the year round and provide local delicacies that are a real treat to the guests.