Have a safe trip!

It is not that common to hear about holidays that went wrong but it would be naive to think that safe trips are always the case. Sometimes, travelers do become victims of crime and violence and there is really no saying if you’ll be one of them. Still, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your dream travel doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

It all starts with what you pack. Make sure you do a little research and find out what kind of clothing is worn in the area and pack outfits that will allow you to blend in. Off course you won’t be totally able to ‘blend in’ with the environment but clothes still say a lot.  For the ladies, please leave that fancy jewellery at home or it’ll be like a walking placard saying ‘steal from me’.

Keeping all your valuables in your back pocket half sticking out is asking for trouble. Even though this may be ok when you are safe at home, remember that this is not your friendly neighbourhood. Inside pockets are the best place to put your cash or even a belt under your clothing. Credit cards and other valuables can also be left in the hotel if you are going out on an adventure.

Use a money belt (creative commons)

Use a money belt (creative commons)

Travelling in a foreign land is also something that you should be careful with. Stick to places where there is a lower chance of you being mugged or victimized.  Even with a map in hand, don’t try out short cuts, especially not at night. Stick to well-lit roads and avoid travelling alone at night.

Avoid dark streets (creative commons)

Avoid dark streets (creative commons)

Keeping a low profile is another thing you can do. Being overly conspicuous, engaging in loud conversation and just being very ‘visible’ will be like putting a bull’s eye on yourself. When and if you do get lost, only ask for directions from people of authority and never, ever look like you are lost.

Lastly, be aware of over friendly locals. Though there is no harm in making a friend or two and hanging out with them, this can sometimes be a trap.  No matter how friendly your friend seems, never share your travel plans with them or where you stay and other personal things.

The degree of precaution you would need to take will really depend on where you are going so do a little digging and find out about the security of the place before you leave.




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