How to Rent Villas on Greek Islands for Your Romantic Getaway

tips to rent villas on Greek IslandsGreece is home to several stunning and unforgettable islands that have become hugely popular among tourists from around the globe. These islands include Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Corfu, Delos, Kefalonia, and many others. So, with so many choices, how can you plan a romantic island getaway in Greece that will be absolutely perfect? Well, check out the tips below to get started, rent villas on Greek Islands, and then head off on the adventure of a lifetime!


Santorini is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and most well known islands in Greece, and for good reason. It is home to a variety of stunning beaches, from those that feature red sand to black sand, as well as incredible mountains and breath taking architecture. A trip to Santorini is sure to be unforgettable, and the atmosphere, cuisine, and nightlife will make it easy to plan a romantic getaway with your partner or spouse.

Plus, there are a host of Santorini luxury villas, such as the Blue Villas Collection, that will give you a home away from home. These Santorini villas are often loaded with amenities that include modern furnishings, infinity pools, and a daily breakfast. On top of that, you can expect that villas in Santorini will not only be beautiful inside, but will also provide you with access to beautiful views of the surrounding landscape outside.


Another one of the most popular Greek islands is Crete. This is yet another ideal destination for couples who want to get away from it all and spend some romantic time together. You could spend your days exploring the historical sites, castles, and archaeological wonders that are found throughout the island. Or you could instead spend hours lounging on one of the island’s many gorgeous beaches, such as Elafonisi, where you will find waters that will make you think that you are in the Caribbean, and Balos, which features an exotic lagoon.

Plus, the natural landscape provides ample opportunities to head outside and explore mountains, gorges, and forests like the famous palm forest. And on top of all of that, you can relax at world-class restaurants to enjoy the delicious local cuisine, as well as take in the beautiful music of the local musicians who perform to entertain visitors and locals alike.


Another well-known and immensely popular Greek island is Mykonos, and there are a host of reasons to visit this fabulous destination as well. First off, it is a really clean island, as the locals really take pride in their surroundings and even make it a point to wash their adorable cobbled streets and maintain their bright white walls. Be sure to bring your camera because this place is unlike any other that you have ever seen.

In addition to being able to meet the friendly locals, you can also indulge in plenty of yummy Greek food at lovely restaurants during your getaway. And there are also a variety of bars to frequent where you can enjoy cocktails and wine. But for real romance, head to Little Venice to watch the sunset. And to relax, you can spend entire days on the island’s beaches, such as Platys Gialos Beach, Ornos Beach, Paraga Beach, Elia Beach, and Paradise Beach, which are all fantastic spots where you can get exercise and enjoy water sports, sunbathing, and swimming in clear water.

When it comes to the islands of Greece, you simply can’t deny that they are beautiful and serve as ideal tourist destinations, especially for couples that are hoping to plan a romantic getaway. Choosing the right island might be tough, so if you find yourself in this situation, consider island hopping so that you can see multiple islands during the same trip.