Rajasthan’s Awesome Ranthambore National Park

Mix some nature and natural beauty into your Rajasthan trip and escape the deserts in favour of this excellent national park.  Found in the south east of Rajasthan, Ramthambore National Park is one of India’s best national parks, particularly loved by bird-watchers and those hoping to spot wild tigers.  Only 130km from Jaipur, it is easily accessible.  It provides the perfect break from the pretty architectural gems found in the region and allows the chance to relax and see a different side to this fantastic area of India.

The park is bordered by two great rivers and sits on the edge of a plateau, making for some stunning scenery and unrivalled photos of India’s untamed beauty.

Tigers can be spotted at all times of the day in their natural habitat.  Watch mothers feeding their babies, cubs frolicking and playing, adults hunting prey, and those who have decided to take a nap in a spot of shade.  This is an amazing experience not to be missed!

There are many other animals roaming free within the park, including leopards, macaque monkeys, langurs, wild jungle cats, foxes, wild boar, squirrels, sloth bears and porcupines.  See the cats responsible for producing one of the world’s most expensive coffees, the civet cat.  Various snakes slither around the undergrowth, including large pythons and deadly cobras.  Crocodiles, turtles, tortoises and monitor lizards can also be seen in the swampy marshlands.  At dusk, bats flap around the vicinity, darting about overhead and streaking the sky.

A fabulous selection of birds live in the park, including migratory species who use Ramthambore as a temporary home at certain times of the year.  Some of the birds in the park are rare.  Seeing the colourful birds up close is truly a fabulous sight.

There is an old historic fort within the park, which is well worth a quick peek.

There are different tour options available to make the most of your time in the park, and those wishing to stay for longer can find some good accommodation options close to hand.

The park is only open between the 1st of October and the 30th of June, closing to visitors between July and October.  It is important therefore to time your visit appropriately to avoid disappointment.

Those who want to experience even more of the area’s beautiful outdoors may also like the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, situated in Barathpur in the east of Rajasthan and one of the main places for bird-watching in the region, Mount Abu, an important pilgrimage destination with fantastic sweeping views, Sariska Tiger Reserve, within easy reach of Delhi and Jaipur, or maybe by taking a camel ride through the dusty desert areas, passing through small villages, seeing proud peacocks, and falling in love with the gentle yet sturdy camels.

Additionally, the many gorgeous lakes in Udaipur give you the opportunity to unwind in the middle of an idyllic setting and the Aravali Mountains provide some excellent outdoor activities, including hiking and wildlife watching.