Berlin, a European gem

When it comes to charmed ex-pat destinations, Berlin, Germany, is at the top of the list.

Living in Berlin gives you a home base from which to explore the beauty that Europe has to offer. Berlin is notoriously less expensive than other European cities and is full of artistic and historical culture. Creative types will find Berlin particularly attractive, as it is an international hub for art and media.


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Berlin is a large international city, with a population of 3.5 million. According to the Visit Berlin website, there are 175 museums, as well as 50 live  theaters and 300 movie theaters, illustrating its well-deserved reputation for being an artistic epicenter.

Of course, Berlin has a vivid and in many ways tragic history. The city still carries traces of the Cold War era, when it was divided by the Berlin Wall, keeping families, friends and a nation separated for years.

There is a seemingly endless number of attractions to see in Berlin, which run the gamut from the whimsy of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to the Berlin Dungeon, which gives visitors insight into the dark and torturous world of Europe in the Middle Ages. Sports fans will be particularly interested in the German Football Museum. For days when you need a break from sightseeing but still want to get out and have some fun, there are places such as the amusement park Jacks Fun World Indoor Freizeitpark, and leisure centers that offer attractions for the entire family.

Living in Berlin is a comfortable lifestyle and is accessible for travelers and ex-pats all over the world. With a reliable public transportation system and plenty of taxis, it is easy to get around the Berlin metropolitan area. According to Visit Berlin, the city has a bike rental system so you can be mobile and environmentally responsible while touring.

For entertainment, Berlin is a regular destination for international musical acts and there is an excellent local performance scene as well. When it comes to nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs and Berlin’s rave scene is alive and well. Indeed, parties have been known to last for days so prepare your liver accordingly before you arrive. And let’s not forget about Germany’s notoriously superb beer and drinking culture.

Live performances can be found in all entertainment areas, such as jazz, cabaret, ballet and other kinds of dance, opera and plays.

Shopping in Berlin is a true delight, with multiple shopping districts and a plethora of boutiques and shops that sell everything from designer fashions to vintage clothing to all manner of eccentric and interesting items.

Life in Berlin offers ex-pats and even long-term travelers a comfortable, exciting and engaging lifestyle that offers the best of European culture at affordable prices. Unlike cities such as London and Paris, which are quite expensive and require extensive amounts of savings, preparation and may restrict your ability to travel around the continent and see the many sights you want to enjoy, Berlin is affordable and allows for convenient travel and entertainment.