Top Holiday Destinations for Poker Players

Online poker is a wonderful invention for people that love playing card games. This way they can play their favorite game and make new friends in different corners of the world. But what if you can have the opportunity to combine  your passion for poker with a fantastic holiday? You’ll see that many popular vacation destinations are actually an oasis of joy filled with casinos and poker card freaks.

Poker chips ( creative commons)

Poker chips ( creative commons)

If you’re clueless about where to spend your next vacation and , but you are up for a WSoP poker adventure, than here are some holiday suggestions that might suit your tastes.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Now this is the number one hot spot for all the gambling games in the world. Everything your heart desires you’ll find here. Casinos are practically at every step you make and available non stop. For a major poker fan this is heaven on Earth. Binions Casino is a great place to start but for an expert, nothing can beat an experience at the ‘Bobby’s Room’ Bellagio Casino.

Bellagio Casino ( creative commons)

Bellagio Casino ( creative commons)

Paradise Island, Bahamas

For those seeking to play poker in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Paradise Island must be your next stop. Bahamas is the island that treasures the Atlantis Casino which is in fact home to Poker Star’s Caribbean Adventure.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Hosting the annual edition of the European Poker Tour, Monte Carlo is all about the glitz and glamour. This place is an icon for poker and gambling in general and a wonderful holiday location because of the fantastic weather and amazing landscapes.

Macau, China

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, then stop wondering where’s the best place to go, and book a flight to Macau, in China. This place is the Chinese version of Las Vegas and is popular among Poker Stars fanatics due to the Asian Pacific Poker Tour.