5 Of the Best Bars in London

London can be a confusing city when trying to find great bars to stop in and have a drink. Around every street corner, there are a huge variety of bars from which to choose without any sign as to which ones are actually worth the trouble. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five of the best and most essential bars in London.



Image source Loungelover London: garryknight

If you’re looking for an atmospheric bar that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then you should head over to the Loungelover. This cosy bar has been a hotspot for tourists and locals alike since its opening in 2003. There are some fantastic cocktails available, such as Opulence and Alchemist, brilliantly flavourful drinks that are certain to liven up your night. The eclectic and quirky decor really sets the night off in a perfect way. You can also grab a bite to eat with the great variety of affordable entrees on the menu. Try the Shoashin Braised Pork Belly or the 3 Mini Burgers, if you’re in the mood for a relatively casual meal.

Ain’t Nothin But

Aint nothing but blues bar

Image source Ain’t Nothin But: cronncc

The award for strangest name on this list goes to Ain’t Nothin But! While the name might strike you as odd, the wonderful blues bar is considered to be one of the best in all of Europe. This is a great place to bring all of your friends, as the live blues music and even livelier atmosphere really sets this bar apart as one of the coolest spots in London. The music is always excellent and the beer delicious. The place can be crowded and rowdy at times, especially during a stirring set by one of the musicians, so it’s best to be prepared. The Mad Goose has a delectable ale that fits the mood of the bar perfectly and shouldn’t be missed.

Sebright Arms

You won’t find a better casual bar in London than Sebright Arms. Beer, hot dogs, and burgers are the hot ticket items at this comfy pub. The venue also plays host to some fantastic musical performers. As a tourist, this is, bar none, the best location for beers from local micro-brewers, beers that taste more delicious than you could imagine. The Cask Cider and Perry is one of the more unique drinks that you should give a shot if you happen to drop by.

Coburg Bar

The Coburg Bar

Image source Coburg Bar: kchrist

The first of the two luxurious bars I’d recommend is the Coburg Bar, located in the Connaught Hotel. The sophisticated and intimate atmosphere is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a quieter and more peaceful bar. Though the prices can be a tad expensive, the variety of wines, champagne, and cocktails offer something for everyone. The Coburg also provides a breakfast and lunch menu, if you’re looking to add a bit of flavour to your drinks.


The Artesian is an amazingly chic and elegant bar that offers one of the best cocktail menus in London. It’s a classy bar that is perfect for a visit with a group of friends. The wide variety of experimental cocktails, such as the Morning Glory Fizz, and the luxurious food samples available, such as the caviar & oysters, provide an unbelievable experience well worth the price.

The best time of the year to visit London and drop by the local bars would have to be in the spring time. The air is cool and crisp, the flowers are beginning to bud, and the bars are a little less crowded than during the summer and even winter months. This is also a much cheaper options for those who are looking to save a little and spend more when they get there. There are plenty of hotels in London located close to the hottest spots and a great website to find them on is HostelBookers. It is also more convenient to find accommodation close to the bars you want to visit, just in case you enjoying the night a little too much!