Barcelona – The city that beckons all tourists



The city of Barcelona is located in Spain and is the second largest city in the country. This place is one of the most important tourist centers in the country and is known for its night life, fine restaurants, sightseeing places and wonderful accommodations. It is situated on the north-east of the Mediterranean Spanish coast and has a wonderful history that dates back at least to 2,000 years. Barcelona is said to have gained recognition internationally by hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, which brought in huge loads of tourist traffic to this city. From then onwards, this city has been on the international tourist map and is visited by millions all over the year. From a laid back old city, this city has rapidly transformed into a modern, sophisticated city that is loved by tourists visiting it from all corners of the country.

This wonderful city has everything to offer to its guests, right from restaurants serving delicious dishes to outdoor markets, churches, museums and shops. The transport system in the city is excellent and the tourists can easily get any mode of transport easily. The main town center that focuses around Ciutat Vella provides the tourist with plenty of enjoyment and helps them to feel the experience of the life of the Barcelonians. The beaches of this city provide the guests with relaxation and happiness and hence are a wonderful destination for families and couples. Though this city can be visited at any time of the year, the best time to get the maximum enjoyment is August.

Tourists can easily find hotels according to their budget. However, during off-seasons, the tourists can enjoy some savings from the discounts received. This city is actually regarded as a lovely city even during the off-season months of Jan and Feb. The ‘Barcelona El Prat’ Airport is said to ferry millions of tourists to and fro all the year round. There are also plenty of attractions for the children like the Natural history museum, Cosmo Caixa science museum for those aged 4 to 5 and walking around Gothic Quarter which includes workshop visits, songs, games and medieval legends. Barcelona is said to host various numbers of annual fiestas of which most are unique and offer a complete insight to the tourists, into the residents’ distinctive culture. The Monegros Desert Festival is said to be the most biggest and famous day and night electronic music festival to be held in Fraga desert that is around 200 km from the city of Barcelona. More than fifty thousand people from both within the country and abroad are said to gather here to celebrate this festival in grand pomp. The cuisines served by the restaurants here are mouth watering and leave the guests craving for more.

This city is well connected by water, land and airways. Tourists can easily visit this city without much trouble and take accommodations of their choice. With so much to feel and see, this city is undoubtedly a popular choice among the international tourists.

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