Ensuring your health is in top condition before you travel

Ensuring your health is in top condition before you travel

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You have planned an epic vacation. The lodgings are booked, you have your guidebook, and you have brand new clothes for the trip. You are going to see all the landmarks, or surf all the waves, or eat all the local specialties. However, as soon as you step foot onto vacationland soil, your stomach lurches. Instead of epic, your experience is a miserable combination of sleeping in a strange bed and taking aspirin as you battle the flu.

Few things can spoil a trip more than being sick or injured. Being away from home when ill is awful, and the waste of your time and money can break your heart. There are ways you can prepare yourself to avoid illness and injury. Here are some tips for ensuring your health is in top condition before you travel.

Consult the experts

Whether your trip is next week or in six months, have your doctor check you for any conditions that might limit your travel. Do not forget to make sure your eyesight is healthy by getting an eye exam. You want the best eyesight possible for those sunsets, so a current prescription is a must. Better yet, consider laser eye surgery. Not only will curing eyesight problems make all those beautiful moments easy to see, it will last you long after you return home.

Knowledge of specific countries’ risks

Nobody likes shots, but if you try to enter certain countries without proper immunizations, you will end up doing a U-turn right back home, or worse, getting ill. Research your destination and its requirements. The shots are not only required, they are beneficial in helping you to avoid illnesses your body does not normally face.

You should also learn about specific risks to your health. For example, tap water in some countries cannot be easily digested by some people. Certain areas have higher air pollution, or thinner air due to altitude, which can impact your breathing. Consult your doctor about which methods of self-care will help you adjust to these different cultural risks, and what you can do to prepare.

Take care of yourself before you go

The reason you take vacations is to relax, rejuvenate, and experience new adventures. Unfortunately, the time before a vacation can be frantic, as you make sure you are ready to be away from work, home, kids, or pets. If you do not keep your stress level contained, you may find your body susceptible to illness that will take advantage of your relaxed immune system.

In the time leading up to your vacation, take time to relax and de-stress. Meditate, get good sleep, and ask for help so that you do not get too anxious. Exercise is great for lowering stress. It also prepares your body for things like carrying luggage and increased walking. Learning some basic stretches can help you avoid muscle injuries while you are travelling.

You have earned the right to a great vacation. Do not let illness or injury spoil your fun. With the right preparation of your body and mind, your health will not be a barrier to great experiences.