6 Signs you’ve Survived a Trip to Asia

Asia is a beautiful place with many types of cultures. But there is plenty you need to know to survive and not sweat the small things on your trip. If you’ve already been there, you may or may not be able to confirm these!

You Know That “Mild Hot” Means VERY Hot

(Reference: http://qz.com/)

You may have wanted a somewhat spicy dish in Asia and ordered the mildly hot but when you’ve tasted it, your mouth is on absolute FIRE! Everything in Asia is purposely 10x hotter than anything you’ve ever tasted. You’re better off bringing your own hot sauce or chili’s to put on your food when you go out.

But if you’re into the extremely hot, Asia is also known for its great chili eating contests. It seems as if some people are born with already numb tongues and crying eyes because of how much the contestants can withstand.

You’ve Rented a Moto/Scooter

(Reference: http://travelerbydesign.com/)

Plenty of tourists rent scooters to use around the area. But if you’ve been to Asia, chances are you had plenty of Band-Aids on your knees if you were a first time rider. Lots of tourists fall on their first attempt to ride one of these but they are often a main source of transportation for the residents, so they’re pros by now.

The fares for renting a scooter around Asia are usually $5 a day (US dollars), depending on where you go. Remember to be careful of other motorists on the road as it gets a bit hectic with both car and scooter riders on the same road!

You’ve Encountered Deviously Cute Monkeys

(Reference: http://littleblondetraveler.blogspot.com)

It is known in Asia that the monkeys are cute, but a tad devious. They’ll try to play tricks on you while you’re standing there and act cute right afterwards. While they may try to pick something out from your pocket, you’ll forgive them for how adorable they are!

They may jump on your back from behind or they may play with your hair and give you a scare. If you’ve come into contact with a monkey in Asia, you know first-hand how captivating these creatures are and extremely intelligent.

You’ve Lost Your Sandals at a Restaurant










(Reference: http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/)

You will most likely have to take off your sandals before entering a restaurant, which is fine and dandy. But if it’s your favorite pair, you may want to put a tag of some sort on them as many people mistake their sandals for someone else’s. If you’ve been to Asia, you may have left a restaurant with mismatched shoes. Who knows, you may be walking out and complimenting someone else’s sandals not knowing they’re your own!

Tips on keeping your sandals/avoid sandal-tastrophe:

  • Putting a lock in between them (this sounds crazy but if they’re a designer pair, it’s worth it – although this may draw attention)
  • Put them in your bag/satchel/purse
  • Buy a cheap pair and don’t care if they get taken by accident – always keep an extra pair in your bag!

You’ve Learned Fire Dancing Is for Professionals Only

If you attend somewhere that has a cultural performance, parade or block party, you may see a fire dancer or two. While it looks amazing, the drinks you just had may also play a part in your thinking. Let the professionals do it and keep your hair un-singed. Take out your camera and leave it to the artists of the craft.

You Hear the Thai Royal Anthem Everywhere

You can hear the Thai Royal Anthem on trains, on the radio, on tv, and even on the streets when in Thailand. If you don’t want to stand out, be sure to follow the locals lead, and stand to attention to respect the song.

If you can’t handle one more movie that plays the Thai Royal Anthem, use a VPN; this will allow you to access Netflix and other prohibited websites in Thailand. But, who knows, you may find yourself missing the Thai Anthem when you’re home.


Asia is an amazing place with many different countries that offer a variety of things to do. There are hundreds of different cultures, types of people, food and more. Surviving the awesomeness is going to be the hardest part!