Five Countries Where Tailor Made Tours Make All The Difference


Turkmenistan is one of the unusual destinations in Asia which is an inspiring mixture of fiercely modern and the staunchly traditional cultural and architectural influences. It has a wide variety of attractions ranging from ancient history, diverse landscapes and intriguing cultures. It is a country that has been through numerous civilizations which have left unforgettable reminders on the landscape. Much of the country is still undeveloped and vast wilderness which makes it an ideal location for off the beaten track experiences. A well tailored holiday in Turkmenistan will enable you to make the most of your time here; you may visit the dinosaur footprints, flaming gas craters, visit the Kara Kum desert and explore the traditional villages.


Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal. By Flickr user wonker (Creative Commons)

Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal. By Flickr user wonker (Creative Commons)

Nepal is located amidst snowcapped peaks of the High Himalayas; this mountain kingdom is a land of numerous magnificent temples. It is an ideal destination for tailor made adventure tours that will ensure you get the most of your trip. Whether you are trekking Everest or having fun riding on an elephant or enjoying the thrills and spills of white water rafting this is a destination that will simply take your breath away. The city of Kathmandu is surprisingly cosmopolitan considering its remote location and is a mixture of the old and the new; the city centre is occupied by ancient places and temples which seem untouched since medieval times while the newer side includes bars and posh restaurants. Nepal holidays are incredible when done alone, but when led by someone who knows the ins and outs of the country its makes it truly special and a once in a lifetime experience.


The Greek islands present a confusing mix of pleasurable activities that may require the experienced eye to enjoy. This is why tailor made tours to Greece makes the difference between unfulfilled and rewarding holidays. Choose a tailor made approach to your holidays in Greece that will suit your interests and fit in your budget. Whether you want hop from one island to the next, savour different cuisines or delve into a historical journey of the island, no one knows the islands better than the professional local agents, find one and specialize your Greece vacation.


The Taj Mahal By TIX (Creative Commons)

The Taj Mahal By TIX (Creative Commons)

Whatever your idea of tailor made trip may contain, India will meet your requirements; from the mighty peaks of the Himalayas to the misty hill stations and the magical tropical islands. It is a place that has numerous options and ideas for the perfect tailor made trip that will serve your very own special interests. You can enjoy a relaxed holiday in Kerala explore the Hill stations, see fishermen busy at work and relax on a palm fringed beach. For a more local experience visit the Northern India, stroll through Delhi, visit the Taj Mahal and sample the rural life in Jaipur.


UK is a spectacular destination with a myriad of attractions ranging from historical, architectural to natural beauty. You can get to savour some of the best of UK on a tailored trip which makes you visit only the highlights of interest, eat in local restaurants and still afford your trip. Whether you want to enjoy the cities such as London, soak up in the quintessential Cotswolds countryside or escape to the isles the options for the ideal tour are numerous. You will always find the perfect destination for your holiday.