Madrid – Parque Del Retiro

Madrid - Parque Del Retiro

Madrid – Parque Del Retiro

Spain and its culture have always enchanted visitors with its bull fighting and fearless matadors. How about a trip to Madrid, the capital city of Spain? While it has maintained its traditional outlook you will be amazed to see the old cultural blend it has incorporated in its architecture. You will find everything you need for a perfect holiday beginning with accommodation to a happening night life. It has many international bus stations from where you can commute very easily to your choice of tourist spot. Madrid will offer you its scenic beauty where to you can see an amalgamation of different cultures. It has many exciting places such as art galleries, stunning architecture & the Bernabeu Stadium out of which you must visit the Parque del Retiro. Parque del Retiro was a royal park before but now it has turned into a recreational park in Madrid where you can have a quiet stroll and also entertainment. There are many historical connections with this park.

Parque del Retiro is the most famous park in Madrid. This park was initially created as a royal park so you can also catch glimpses of royalty in the park. It is probably a unique place as you can both have a quiet time as well as enjoy the bustling of the people. There are many activities that occur in the park. It is also a senior citizen’s park as it means Retirement Park in English. So if you are planning to take your elderly parents out with you on vacation this park would be the right choice for you. The park also has many historical connections as a part of it was destroyed during the Napoleonic era. So you will feel like revisiting history once you sit in the park. If you are an art lover you will also get to see much French architecture there.

Another special feature of the park is the adjoining lake that adds on to its beauty. You can relax by going on a boat ride. You would get to see the Rose Garden or the Rosaleda. The park would present a royal but modern representation of French and Spanish culture. The recreation in the park consist of many activities such as adjoining cafes where you can snack on some Spanish delicacies, occasional fairs organized outside the park, its beautiful palm trees decorated and many other. It is also the most expensive park of Madrid. You will find jugglers outside the park displaying many crazy but entertaining antics.

For visiting the Parque del Retiro you will have to put up in a hotel at Madrid. This will not be a problem as Madrid has several world class hotels in its vicinity. These are built to cater to the needs of the international tourists mainly. The best time to visit Parque del Retiro would be May and October or the spring months. It has the sunniest days and cool nights. So take your sun glares as well as your woolen clothes. You can reach Parque del Retiro from Madrid by bus.

So you can see many reasons to visit Madrid. And if you happen to travel next year do visit the Parque del Retiro as it will amaze you to the fullest.