Best nightlife cities in America

The best nightlife cities in America never fail to impress outgoing visitors...


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Depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation, different spots offer different benefits. However, for those outgoing individuals looking for the best nightlife cities in America, there are some clear choices that are sure to please wild tourists.

A hip locale, Miami Beach combines exciting nightlife with breathtaking views of the Florida coastline. It’s a world steeped in history and Latin culture. Known as America’s playground, Las Vegas greets guests with entertainment, casinos and flashy fun. For a truly unique and Southern experience however, there’s no better choice than New Orleans. Whether you come during Mardi Gras or not, expect to have a rowdy time as you explore the city and party until morning. For more information on these destinations, keep reading.

Party By the Beach When You Visit Miami Beach

On your trip to Miami, be sure to snag an ocean front, Miami Beach hotel. A great selection is the Grand Beach Hotel. During the day, lounge on the warm sand or take a dip in the clear blue waters just a few steps away. However, when the sun goes down, Miami Beach’s nightlife comes alive, so be ready to party.

Miami is known for having extravagant, high-energy nightclubs. South Beach, in particular, boasts world-class DJs and a swanky feel. However, Miami Beach isn’t all about energetic nightclubs. If you prefer a quieter night scene, there are also bars and lounges where you can grab a quiet drink, such as Rose Bar, Sunset Lounge and The Play Bar and Lounge. If you’re looking to treat yourself to delicious seafood at a fancy restaurant with a view, then be sure to book a table at Smith & Wollensky.

For travelers looking for great live music to go with their drinks, there are many great options. Mango’s Tropical Café has lively dancers and flashy costumes. For a Latin experience, however, try Hoy Como Ayer, which offers nightly music shows.

Explore the Entertainment Capital of the World in Las Vegas

Perhaps the first thing you picture when you think of Las Vegas is the many casinos, so start your stay by booking a room at one of these glamorous casino hotels. However, while the bright lights and noises of the casino may call you, don’t spend all your time there.

Get out and explore the nightlife with amazing nightclubs like Body English, Chateau, VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub and Life. At these places, you’ll get a legendary experience like none other as you let go and dance to the thumping beats. With so many nightclubs, none are the same, and you’re sure to have a unique experience you’ll remember for life.

Stay Up All Night on Your New Orleans Vacation

You may want to spend the day exploring the history of New Orleans, but in the evening, it’s time to grab a drink, turn up the music and explore a different side of the city. Boasting dance clubs, jazz clubs, live music and wine bars, New Orleans offers a little something for every tourist.

Of course, the first place to hit is the world famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Bourbon Street is like a crazy block party, and it houses some of the best bars and nightclubs in New Orleans. Make sure to hit up Tropical Isle for a Hand Grenade, or get a booze slushy at Jester Mardi Gras Daiquiris.

Whichever one of these three cities you choose to visit next, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and party every night away.