Ex-pat destination: Chile

South America: depending on who you ask, it sounds like a paradise filled with good weather, great food and attractive people, or a dangerous, crime-infested no-go zone. For ex-pats willing to look past the stereotypes, South America offers a wealth of beautiful, exciting places to live where they can enjoy a great, and affordable, quality

Doing your homework before the big move

I moved overseas almost three years ago, and have been an ex-pat ever since. I still remember the giddy feeling that enveloped me when I realized that I was really doing this, that I was really moving overseas. Leading up to the move, I was more excited than nervous, and felt certain that whatever problems

Ex-pat life in Seoul, part II: the ugly

Last week I wrote about all the perks of living in Seoul, South Korea: the decent salary, the housing stipends, the great ex-pat community in the city and the easy access to travel. This week, I’ll focus on the not-so-thrilling aspects of life teaching English in South Korea. By far, the biggest stress is most

Ex-pat life in Seoul, part I: The good

The prospect of packing up one’s life and moving to Seoul, South Korea, may seem a daunting and even baffling one to those who have never been there. It was to me when I first learned about the possibility of teaching English in Seoul for more money than I was making as a journalist in

Madrid – Parque Del Retiro

Spain and its culture have always enchanted visitors with its bull fighting and fearless matadors. How about a trip to Madrid, the capital city of Spain? While it has maintained its traditional outlook you will be amazed to see the old cultural blend it has incorporated in its architecture. You will find everything you need

Come Home To Cape Town

It may sound like an advertisement from a travel brochure but there is indeed something for everyone at Cape Town, South Africa’s premier travel destination. Even a week’s visit to this wonderful city is not enough and as you return you will yearn for more. The hospitality and the scenic beauty will touch the core

Dubai – Global Village

What comes to your mind when you think of Dubai? Sheikhs, huge buildings, Arabic decor, buzzing markets, belly dancing and food. Dubai is much more than that. Ever thought of going out on a vacation there? Well if not here are the perfect reasons to make you book a ticket to Dubai in your next

Malibu – A Tourist Haven

Malibu encloses the Pacific Ocean and is located north of the town of Santa Monica, north-west of Los Angeles County. As this town is located near to the ocean and has a proximity to the downtown Los Angeles studios, this town has become a fixture in the American culture and has also featured on some

Athens – Visiting the land of the ancient greeks

It is after the Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom ‘Athena’, that this beautiful and historical city got its name. This is also the city that is said to have been credited in history to start democracy and give birth to great thinkers like Aristotle and Plato. Greece has always been a tourist destination and

Georgia Yellow Stone National Park – The Perfect Vacation for Nature Lovers

The Yellow stone national park was set up by the US Congress in the year 1872. This national park is primarily located in the Wyoming state and also extends to Idaho and Montana. The Yellow stone is considered to be the first and foremost national park in the entire world. It is well-known for its