Rediscovering Yourself in Asia

When rediscovering Yourself in Asia, you'll find that a walk along the Great Wall may be where it starts to happen for you...


Anybody who says that there is nothing for them to personally enjoy in Asia is, quite simply, wrong. A continent so vast in size and broad in cultural spectrum, Asia should be regarded by all as the number one destination for adventurous travel, particularly with regards to people who are seeking to do a spot of self-rediscovery along the way. From India to China to Japan to Thailand, the Asian continent contains some of the most mythically intriguing, historically fascinating and culturally rich countries that the entire world has to offer, so allow us to give you a brief insight in to some of these locations and their appeal to tourists, and why they might lead to you rediscovering yourself in Asia.

1. India

From the Taj Mahal to the Golden Temple, from the Buddhist caves of Ajanta to the hustle and bustle of beach rich Goa, India has more than enough vibrant culture and stunning historical architecture to satisfy a traveller looking to rediscover themselves. India boasts some of the best and most revered culinary culture in the world, and your soul will never be as happy as when you are walking around and taking in the elegant beauty of Indian life; a unique combination of busy city life and reverent, reflective spirituality.

2. China

Boasting some of the oldest and strongest history known to man, the most populated country in the world can offer travellers a unique experience in terms of food, culture and outstanding feats of architecture. Of course, no travel guide can forget to include the must see Great Wall, a symbol of China that transcends all else. The size of China, much like India, results in great differences in regional culture, and you will enjoy having vastly different experiences from Beijing to Shanghai to Sichuan. Visiting a Shaolin Temple is an absolute must.

3. Japan

Symbolised by the towering Mt. Fuji, some might say that Japan can offer a more laid back, less expansive and tiring experience than India and China. The Tokyo National Museum is the perfect starting point for getting a feel of the country, and from there you will find great satisfaction in the cultural divide between the high tech gadgetry and bright lights of the large cities and the more refined, simplistic culture of the smaller towns and villages surrounded by enticing back roads for adventure.

4. Thailand

Thailand offers the perfect mixture of the tropical, exotic, historic and cultural and is very welcoming and user friendly for travelling explorers. From the stunning golden temples to the equally golden sandy beaches, this country more than any other in Asia has the potential for self discovery with a hypnotic combination of culture and relaxation. From the serene waterfalls of Erawan National Park to the delicious street food of Bangkok, there truly is something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got your passport, direct travel insurance, the only thing left is to plan your route and get ready for a world of self-discovery on the wonderful continent that is Asia.