5 places you must visit on a trip to the US West Coast

Seattle is a staple of any trip to the US West Coast ... photo by CC user juliwatson on pixabay


The West Coast of America consists a whole bucket list worth of holiday material. With so much to choose from, visitors are spoilt for choice.

From the glitzy lights of Las Vegas to the movie star land of Hollywood, Los Angeles, there is something in the West Coast to suit all kinds of curious travellers.

Below are the five top places to visit on a trip to the US West Coast, so make sure you have your suitcase and passport at the ready…

1. Las Vegas

This city is full of lights, life and laughter. Visitors will be swept away by the memorizing features of this great city. There are hundreds of incredible casinos to suit all budgets as well as many entertainment venues and performances that take place on a daily/nightly basis.

Brush up on your knowledge before you go to make the most of a serious session in the casino. This is a great choice for travellers who are looking for a bit of excitement on their trip.

Dance the night away in one of Vegas’ many popular nightclubs or take a long drive through the beautiful desert landscape surrounding the city, and remember – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…!

2. Seattle

The growing vibrant city of Seattle has a rich array of attractions for the visitors. It has a strong connection with jazz music and, of course, is a haven for coffee lovers everywhere.

The city is home to the first branch of Starbucks as well as Tully’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee and a host of independent coffeehouses.

The skyline of the busy port city is dominated – and best viewed from – the superb Space Needle, an iconic 184-metre high observation tower.

3. Portland

The Oregon city of Portland is one of the most fun – and underrated – cities in the whole of America. Prepare to fall in love with a destination that boasts at least 30 breweries, food pods dishing out treats from inventive chefs and superb cycle routes.

For those after something a little different from a break will revel in the ‘Keep Portland Weird’ mantra too, with something for everyone in this gem of a West Coast city.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing city with tons of sights to see and experience on your visit. Make sure to take time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fisherman’s Wharf where you will be able to see some extraordinary sea lions in their natural habitat.

The North Beach provides romantic walking opportunities to enjoy with your significant other. You can also check out the local museums and art galleries to experience the culture in more depth.

5. Los Angeles

Amazing nightlife, fantastic restaurants and A-Lister hotels, Los Angeles has it all. Discover Los Angeles describes the city as a “trend-setting global metropolis with a fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage”.

There are hundreds of things to see and do including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the star-studded Hollywood boulevard, Beverly Hills and thriving art galleries and nightlife to explore.

Don’t miss the Griffith Observatory for stunning views. With 75 miles worth of coastline surrounding the city, there are plenty of opportunities to get active or relax on beautiful sun-kissed beaches.