5 Reasons why Las Vegas can make a Great Family Holiday

You may think that because Las Vegas is the world center of gambling, nightlife and burlesque shows, it’s a nightmare for a family getaway. Think again, because Las Vegas has so many attractions that make it a wonderful family vacation destination.

Shark Reef, Nevada ( creative commons)

Shark Reef, Nevada ( creative commons)

Located in the state of Nevada, USA, there’s a lot more to Vegas that meets the eye and your children will absolutely love the idea of spending their holiday in a place like this. Its natural beauty may be a little difficult to remark under the layers of commercial shopping centers and casino resorts but the beautiful sight of the mountains and the beautiful desert are a spectacle to watch.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the world and that means that there is always something to do in Vegas, and kids aren’t left out either. They need to be entertained and Las Vegas has a full potential for that.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas ( creative commons)

Fremont Street, Las Vegas ( creative commons)

One of the major attractions in Las Vegas is the amazing Shark Reef. Aquariums guarantee you a great day spent with your kids, but if you want to make it big for your family then go one step further and see the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. At Shark Reef you can walk through the tunnel in a massive reef while admiring the most vicious predators. Your children will love this experience!

Another amazing reason why Las Vegas can be a great place for families is the fascinating Grand Canyon. There are so many trips and tours around the Canyon that give you and your children the possibility to explore this magnificent place. You’ll get extra loving points from your little ones if you arrange a horseback exploration of the area.

Vegas is all about the shows. Take your children to see the famous Cirque du Soleil, a fantastic show filled with loveable circus elements delivered with an impressive artistic taste. You can make a great deal if you book your tickets in advance. Plan your next Las Vegas vacation with Best of Vegas and find great prices on tickets to Las Vegas shows, attractions and tours.

Valley State Park of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park and a beautiful place to see, too. You can enjoy a lovely hike while admiring the carvings left by the Petroglyps, getting a real taste of Nevada’s history.

You simply can’t go to Las Vegas and forget about the Fremont Street. This a technology wonderland , with massive LED screens and impressive light shows that will catch your child’s attention for sure.




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