Visiting British Columbia: Great Things to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver (Creative Commons)

Vancouver (Creative Commons)

It’s easy to see why thousands of people flock to Canada to see its majestic beauty every year. The landscapes are simply astounding and as the country with the largest coastline in the world, it’d take a fair while to see it all.

Breaking down your visits can help you to see as much as possible without exhausting yourself and with flights from London to Vancouver , a great place to start would be British Columbia.

The city of Vancouver is the largest in the British Columbia province and while nestled on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, is also within easy reach of the mountains too. Offering its visitors a little bit of everything, the city is fantastic for shopping, nightlife and dining out on Robson Street while at the same time bringing you closer to nature with the incredible Stanley Park, a breathtaking wilderness in the heart of the city.

Walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Stretching 450ft across the Capilano River, a walk along the bridge will provide you with astonishing views of the North Shore rainforest, while the new Cliff Walk attraction is also recommended. At 230ft above the river, the Capilano Bridge is definitely not for the faint hearted and if you’re petrified of heights, don’t look down!

Explore Stanley Park

At 1000 acres, this humungous park in the heart of Vancouver has been referred to as the soul of the city, with plenty to do and explore within its boundaries. From the waterfront views that await you to the horse and carriage rides that will help you tour the park, it’s a wonderfully tranquil way to spend a couple of hours.

Relax on the Beach

From English Bay to the nudism at Wreck Beach, beach life in Vancouver is as varied as it is relaxing – perfect if you fancy kicking back one afternoon.

Take the Seaplane

If there’s one way of seeing the city, it’s via seaplane. This scenic flight will provide you with 20 minutes of stunning aerial views of the city and the North Shore Mountains.

Plus, as the gateway to the snow-capped mountains, the potential of a ski trip as part of your visit to Vancouver is huge. Combine your Canadian city break with a stint on Whistler Blackcomb and you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the stunning attractions that the city provides and the breathtaking experience of the being high in the Coast Mountains.