5 Important Tips For Winter Travel to go Skiing

It might seem strange to leave one wintery and snowy place for another wintery and snowy place, but, if you are a skier or a snowboarder, it makes all the sense in the world. Instead of being at home and shoveling out the driveway and walking on ice and slush, you can be at a ski resort with fluffy white hills skiing down them to your heart’s content. No skidding in traffic, no slipping on the pavement. Winter does have its own dangers, whether at home or abroad. If something does go wrong, such as an accident that isn’t your fault, companies like Slater & Gordon can help you. There are many ways to be prepared, and here are just a few of them.

Don’t rush

When there is snow and ice, never rush. This means whether on foot or in a car, just prepare to get places in plenty of time. If you rush on foot it makes it much easier to fall and sustain an injury. All you need is one slip and that might be the end of your ski vacation, before it’s even started. In a car, the stopping distances are much further, so if you are pushing it as you are late, you might suddenly find you can’t stop and end up again, ending your vacation before it even gets started.

Get insurance

If you don’t have personal insurance that can cover you, and even if you do, it’s a good idea to talk to an insurance agent and make sure you have coverage. Travel insurance is a must, and will often cover most of the accidents you might have, such as a skiing accident. Even falling and slipping when you are away can be covered. If your personal insurance doesn’t cover that travel, you can suddenly find how expensive things are in a foreign country.

Wear the right things

Make sure to wear warm enough clothing, so your muscles don’t get too cold to react properly. At night wear dark clothes to contrast with the snow for better visibility, during the day, wear sunglasses for glare. Keep your eyes on your surroundings and not just your feet. One of the most important ways of stopping winter accidents is wearing the proper footwear. Depending on where you are and what you are doing, winter shoes are a must. Something with a solid grip of ice. Even rubber boots with a good sole are needed if it’s also wet and icy. Just because you are going to a ski location doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the same shoe precautions you would when at home in the ice and snow. All you need to do is look at someone slipping and sliding and you will realize how fast that can go bad.


Do your research on where you are going, and what the conditions and rules are there. If you are renting a car, make sure you know the rules of the road and if you are required to have snow tires or other things.

Don’t overestimate

If you are skiing or even walking around, don’t overestimate your skills, you are not superhuman. One bad fall and those superhuman feelings will come crashing down to earth, literally. Make sure you stay on the hills that are your level and take ski lessons if you need them, there is no shame. Make sure you rent from a reputable company. Use common sense. Skiing is you against the mountain, and the mountain is bigger, so be careful

Taking a winter trip can be an amazing and beautiful thing, but it can turn into a nightmare if you haven’t prepared for it. Do your research, and be careful. Check vacation tips online Look at where you are going and make sure you have ample time to get there. Take the right clothing, and accessories. If you have a child, imagine all the things you would tell your child to protect him, and then take that advice for yourself, you are not immune. So, enjoy that winter vacation, and bring back some good memories, and always be careful.