Paris is perfect for the whole family

Paris - Eiffel Tower

Are you dreaming of a trip to Paris, but worrying over whether your children will enjoy it as much as you will? While the culture of Paris may have a reputation for being a bit formal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t experience this glorious city as a family. There are many family-friendly activities you can enjoy in Paris, and think of how enriching the trip will be for your children. To help you plan your next family vacation to Paris, here are just a few of the fun things you can do there.

Musee Grevin

This 200-year-old wax museum has over 300 lifesize wax figures of famous people, including Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo da Vinci and Nicolas Sarkozy. Since it’s mostly visual, your kids can wander around and look at the exhibits without having to struggle through dense museum text. Plus, there is a special exhibit targeted at younger audiences on how wax figures are made.

Le 104 Arts Center

Part recreation space, part showcase for art, this offbeat activity will most likely delight younger travelers. There is a play area inside, as well as a lending library and comfortable chairs where tired parents can relax. For refreshments, visit the quirky retro pizza truck.

Disneyland Paris

This activity is definitely meant to please the younger members of your group. This themed amusement park will definitely help your children work off some extra energy. Since it is sure to be such a big treat, perhaps you can use this activity as a reward for good behavior at the Louvre the day before.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris (creative commons)

Musee des Egouts

This activity showcases Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Inside, you can visit the sewer system of Paris, which serves as the setting for the story. You can even have your children read the story before your trip and then let them have the fun of recognizing the things they read about in the story.

A Dessert Tour

While adults may be excited about tasting the French haute cuisine, children may find the idea of new food a bit daunting. The experience of trying new food can be enriching, but you can’t force a young child to eat something and enjoy it. Instead, give your kids a special treat and let them choose one special dessert (or two) from a Parisian cafe. That way, they will see that trying different food can be fun, and will be more open to trying other things.

Kid-Friendly Shopping

While you might enjoy the prospect of wandering along the Champs-Elysees, your children might not. Instead, allow them to look for items for themselves and purchase a few as souvenirs. There is plenty of kids’ fashion in Paris, and browsing through the shops will most likely be a fun activity, like a treasure hunt.

These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in Paris. It is the perfect place for your next family vacation!