St. Tropez Luxury

Noted with its breath taking beaches and equally beautiful tourist spots, St. Tropez is just one of the places that you should go when you are on vacation. If the famed and most visited Pampelonne Beach does not appeal to you, you can always visit the less visited and less famous yet equally majestic beaches in St. Tropez. If you want privacy, then any of these small beaches can be your sanctuary.

However, if you are not a beach bum, you can still wander through different places where you can enjoy St. Tropez luxury at best. Here are just some.

Zitadelle von St. Tropez– Those who want to take a dose of history should not miss wandering through the magnificent corners of Zitadelle von St. Tropez. It does not just transcend you to the past; it as well lets your eyes feast on the grandeur of St. Tropez’s vicinity.  The Zitadelle is located on a hill where you climb and pay an entrance fee. Once you enter, you are free to roam around and enjoy the different perspective the Zitadelle offers to its tourists. Tourists who cannot understand French can still appreciate the rich history of France as the information plaques were written in English besides the Native French.

St Tropez Ville (creative commons)

St Tropez Ville (creative commons)

Adventure Sports-Thrill your adventurous spirit and try different extreme water sports. See how far you can go with St. Tropez Gulf. From wake boarding, snorkelling, kayaking, and power boating, they have that for you and more. Expect your day to be filled with different activities as you can also unwind during the nights. Nightlife is fun as you meet different people chilling and wandering through the metropolis.

GaleriesTropéziennes– Tourists should not miss dropping by this place as this is where they should go for gifts and souvenirs. From the most intricate and sensible souvenirs up to silly ones, you can find just everything here. To add up to that, GaleriesTropéziennes has perfect selection for different textiles, which are Mediterranean-inspired which are reasonably priced for tourists. Since you’re in the area, go on a trip on one of the well known symbols of St Tropez luxury and visit some of the famous villas.

Place des Lices Market- Why wander through the marvellous streets of St. Tropez hungry when you can buy at Place des Lices Market for food? Blend in with the crowd of tourists and locals on Tuesdays and Saturdays in this vibrant open-air market. Due to crowd, parking space is easily filled that is why it is wise to bike your way to the market and enjoy the view while on your way. 

Restaurant in Place des Lices (creative commons)

Restaurant in Place des Lices (creative commons)

These are just few of the places and activities that you can splurge while on vacation. Celebrate St. Tropez luxury the way you want it to be.



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