Romantic Vacations for Adventure Lovers

What made you fall in love? If the answer is because you are both adventure lovers than we have some great ideas for you! Romantic getaways usually bring to our minds scenic places where lovers can relax and enjoy each other’s company but why go along with the common trend? Here are some places to spend an unforgettable holiday with your loved one.


Lake Louise is located inside Canada’s Banff National Park and has a fascinating landscape featuring mountain ranges, glaciers and lakes. The adventures that await you include snowboarding or skiing, strolls in the wild, festivals and many more. Lake Louise is indeed one of the few places that allow you to celebrate your love in such a mesmerizing ambiance.

Then is the famous Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada where one can enjoy the power of 6 million cubic feet of water falling at 180 feet per minute! Now such power is bound to have an effect on your senses and let you with some memorable scenery.

“Lake Louise” by Pedro Restrepo (creative commons)

“Lake Louise” by Pedro Restrepo (creative commons)

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Are you both dancing enthusiasts who have moves on the floor? Brazil is the place where people dance their hearts out! Spend nights out with your loved one and celebrate life in Brazil’s metropolises like Salvador, Fortaleza, and many more. Adventure is at every corner, offering everything from sporting activities, hiking to zoos and fun parks.


Chile is known to be the land of the majestic Andes Mountains while also offering an impressive variety of top class restaurants, nightlife and museums. Treat yourselves with a shopping spree in one of the most popular countries in Latin America while getting bargains and unique gifts. Need more adrenaline? Go outdoors and explore the Atacama Desert on horseback and let the desert do its magic.

Andes Mountain, Chile

Andes Mountain, Chile (creative commons)


There is no place where you can find all the activities you would want to try out on your romantic getaway like Australia. The smallest continent in the world offers wonders from wetlands to deserts to forests and mountains. Along with that package come all its magnificent islands such as Tasmania. Still not convinced?

Then how about stopping by the capital city, Sydney, where you and your loved one can do a city tour with the Sydney Opera House as your first stop. Then, for a little adventure, hop on a cruise and watch whales and dolphins do flips in the ocean and finish things off with a swim at the northern beaches.