Travelling around Nevada

Las Vegas is synonymous with its strip and the casinos on it. The 4.25-mile strip is actually just south of the Las Vegas city limits. The strip is home to many resorts hotels and casinos. Out of the 25 largest hotels in in the world, 15 are on the strip. The hotels and resorts on the strip account for more than 62,000 rooms. The strip and the attractions on it are the reason why visitors come to Las Vegas. But is there more to Las Vegas than the strip? Let’s look at some of the attractions in Vegas that are off the beaten track from the strip.

Vegas Strip

  1. Meet the Mob: The mob and underworld are part of the history of Las Vegas. Today you can visit the Mob Museum in downtown Vegas and learn more about how the mob operated. The museum is housed in an old courthouse and gives you an interactive history on the mob and its role in shaping Las Vegas, as we know it today.
  1. Dune buggy drives: Desert dunes are very different from the small beach dunes. The thrill and excitement of driving a buggy over these dunes is an experience not to be missed. Dune buggy driving is a must on your trip to Vegas. Several operators like Sunbuggy offer this tour.
  1. Visit the Hoover Dam: An hour’s drive from Vegas brings you to the famous Hoover Dam. There are guided tours at the dam including a visit to the museum, which includes the history of the dam and its surrounding regions. The breathtaking vistas are a photographer’s dreams come true.
  1. The neon graveyard: Las Vegas is perhaps the only town that has a graveyard for old neon signs, some that date back to the 1950’s. The outdoor lots are littered with huge neon signs that beckoned visitors to properties now long closed. The site also has an indoor museum and park. Guided tours are available. The museum has recently expanded and more signs have been added.
  1. The best Thai food: Las Vegas is home to some of the finest Thai restaurants in America. The two options that stand out are Le Thai and Lotus of Siam. Le Thai is located at Freemont East and offers an authentic Thai food experience. The crowd consists mostly of locals and the experience comes at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Lotus of Siam is a bit more expensive and is a winner of the James Beard award. Located just northeast of the strip it is considered one of the finest Thai restaurants in America.

Stephen Wynn has played a vital role in upgrading and modernizing the properties on the strip. He has played a central role in executing projects like the Mirage, Bellagio and upgrading the Golden Nugget. He is responsible in a large part for changing the cheesy image of Las Vegas. If you are planning a visit to Las Vegas a stay at his newer properties like the Wynn Las Vegas is highly recommended.

So yes, there is life in Vegas beyond the strip. In fact you can easily spend a few days discovering the sights, sounds and flavors of Vegas without even visiting the strip.