3 Inspirational Ideas For a Working Holiday


You may be bored or exhausted of working endless hours in an office right in the central business district of a busy city and all you take in through the day is the noise of hooting cars and tired smiles of overworked colleagues. Well may be all need is a break to the beach where you can give back to the generous Mother Nature.

Beach in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Photo by Armando Maynez, used under Creative Commons

Beach in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Photo by Armando Maynez, used under Creative Commons

The coast of Costa Rica may be the answer to your exhaustion. It is home to four species of sea turtles whose life cycle is greatly endangered by modern developments and human egg poachers. You can volunteer to work here away from the bustling city and help save the turtles as you relax on the sandy beaches. The roles that are involved in turtle conservation in Costa Rica include eggs collection along the beach, protecting the eggs in the nests and data collection. Once the eggs are collected, they are taken to special hatcheries where they hatch and the hatchlings are safely led to the sea to continue with the cycle of life. It is an inspiring experience that will leave you invigorated and more energetic to face your own cycle of life.


Kenya is a beautiful country with stunning sceneries, interesting blend of cultures and home to some of the best parks across the globe. It is a place that has inspired authors such as Karen Blixen among others with its breathtaking beauty. As you enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of Kenya, there are those that are underprivileged in the society such as orphans who need help and inspiration from you.

There are numerous orphanages across the country where you can choose one and assist in helping the needy kids. As you give care and attention to a parentless needy child, you are not only helping mold a future but also inspiring the child. If this sounds of interest then be sure to get volunteer insurance as this is often not included in regular travel insurance policies.


Camping is an exciting activity for kids during the summer holidays, kids get to see the outdoors, play and meet new friends in summer camps all across America. During these holidays, the camps are packed to the brim with campers from all over the globe. It is at this time that the camps require more staff to help run the camps.  If you have been looking for an opportunity to work in a fun yet inspiring environment, then try working at a summer camp in America.

Summer Camp, America (Creative Commons)

Summer Camp, America (Creative Commons)

There are many roles that you can apply for and they include Summer Camp Counselors, Special Counselors and Support Staff. The Camp Counselors supervise the kids in all activities they get involved in and even share sleeping areas, the Specialized Counselors teach the kids sports, music or art which they are specialized in and the Support Staff work indirectly with the kids by keeping the campers well fed and in a clean environment. Whether you work directly or indirectly with the kids, you are sure to enjoy an inspiring role in a Summer Camp in America.

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