Tips for Travelers who go solo

Who says you can only go on holiday with your family or friends? I say-why not go solo! Believe it or not, this is not something ‘new’ and according to the U.S Travel Association in 2009 22.2 million out of 170 million Americans travelled alone. There is really nothing wrong with wanting some solo time and these journeys can be very self discovering. There are so many packages that you can now find that cater for those who want solo adventures. If you are planning something of this nature for a change, here are some tips.

Before you leave on your solo trip, research double time-look for things like where to go, what to do and where to stay. Remember-there are no rules and limits here because this is your game with your rules so do what you want, wherever you want! How cool is that? Also try to find cheap accommodation offers such as B&B’s so you don’t have to waste money spending on a room for two.

Woman travelling alone (creative commons)

Woman travelling alone (creative commons)

The next thing to tackle is safety. It is no doubt that travelling in a group does have its benefits such as safety but if you plan things right, you can still be very safe on your solo holiday. Though you will be more vulnerable to criminals and will seem like an easy target, the secret here is to blend in.  Why will they think you as a target when you look like you own the place? Walk with confidence like you live there, don’t make it obvious if ever you get lost and do not attract attention to yourself.

Another safety tip that will go a long way is not to make it appear that you are travelling alone. No, you don’t have to talk to an invisible buddy, but when asked, you can say something like “I’m waiting for a friend” in order to hint that you are not alone and someone will be looking for you. Also be very cautious if you decide to go out at night.

Solo Traveller making friends (creative commons)

Solo Traveler making friends (creative commons)

How about when you start feeling lonely? Well, this is the perfect time to make connections. But be very discerning when it comes to who you allow yourself to converse with. Simply being friendly will surely give a lot of opportunities for you to make a new friend.