UK Accommodation for All Occasions

Scotland, Highlands, Glencoe by Christopher Schoenbohm (Creative Commons)

Scotland, Highlands, Glencoe by Christopher Schoenbohm (Creative Commons)

If you have chosen United Kingdom as your holiday destination, you need not to worry about accommodation. There is a wide variety of fabulous choices to fit your very special and particular need, be it a group holiday, family or even a romantic getaway, the UK has a lot to offer.

B&B for A Romantic Break Holiday

I know you have been looking forward for that romantic getaway. In the UK you will be spoilt for choice, you could choose to stay within luxurious private homes, B&Bs in Somerset, romantic B&Bs in Cornwall, luxurious bed and breakfasts in Oxford and so much more.

London offers a great deal of magnificent buildings and perfect places for that very special person, you can enjoy visiting the Palaces and unwinding in the beautiful parks and gardens.

For romance by the beach you can enjoy a weekend in Brighton that is popularly known for its endless list of great restaurants, wild nightlife and cute little and romantic B & B s.  The Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall is also a fantastic destination for a romantic getaway, with beautiful sandy beaches and lush green horizons on top of its list of boutique B&Bs.

Holiday Cottage in Scotland for Family Break

Scotland is among the top family destinations in UK, with the great sceneries, numerous palaces and inspiring first class hospitality. This is exactly what you need for your family to enjoy and have a spectacular holiday experience. You can enjoy staying in a fabulous self catering cottage in Oban and experience the beauty of the highlands of Scotland home away from home. There are pet friendly cottages especially for that child of yours that can’t keep away from his dog and also child friendly cottages full of space and fun activities for younger children.

There are a lot of challenging walks for the family, you can charge the Munro or stroll on a lowland slope and always come back to a comfortable cottage to rest those tired feet and enjoy a family meal in the spacious cottages.

The Ellary Estate cottages in Argill are spectacular and strategically near the beaches, the Highland Cottages in Cairngorms are quiet and peaceful for a tranquil holiday.

Oxford University by TEDizen (Creative Commons)

Oxford University by TEDizen (Creative Commons)

Large Holiday Homes For A Trip With Friends

Holidays with friends gives you an opportunity to relax with great company while visiting interesting locations. Large holiday properties give you the opportunity to conveniently live together and enjoy each other’s company a little more intimately. They offer the luxury of hotels, the coziness of homes, with just the right amount of privacy.

There are some fascinating properties across the UK. Have a look at the Stoke House in Gabriel where you can fish while on the balcony. For a more medieval experience, try the 15th century manor cottage with great lawns and views. If you fancy a little more royalty, try renting out renovated manors. With large, spacious rooms, and old, tasteful furniture, you will truly be living it large.

You can cool it off in a boathouse along the shores of Ullswater Lake in Cambria or enjoy living in a magnificent Georgian house in Somerset, complete with a drawing room and wood burning fireplace. The choices are many and very exciting.