4 Europe Destinations For Solo Travellers

Travelling alone can be both a rewarding and lonely experience. You will have time to yourself to enjoy new places and reflect on life, yet humans are social beings so there will, of course, be times when you want to enjoy others’ company. Fortunately, Europe is a generally friendly continent and here are 4 spots where you’ll be made to feel especially welcome.

Dublin, Ireland

There are few nationalities as friendly as the Irish and Dublin is – unsurprisingly – full of Irish people! Step into almost any bar, order a Guinness and you’ll have no choice but to talk to your fellow drinkers. If stopping for a drink while a game of rugby or football is on the big screen then a few wise words about the most popular team and you’ll have made new friends in no time!

Photo by Flickr user ‘Ullisan’ (creative commons)

Photo by Flickr user ‘Ullisan’ (creative commons)

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is a city full of young people so young travellers should have no trouble finding people to have a few Dutch beers with. With a fantastic nightlife it is easy to meet other people ready to have fun and another plus of Amsterdam is that almost all the locals speak perfect English, so there should be no language barrier either!

Photo by Flickr user ‘Joao Maximo’ (creative commons)

Photo by Flickr user ‘Joao Maximo’ (creative commons)

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is another top recommendation for a solo holiday. In fact, a visit to Berlin may even be better on your own! With so many attractions, from the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag and then a whole lot of museums, a lot of arguing could break out if travelling with a partner over which places to visit in your limited time. Travelling solo means you can head to the attractions and museums that you want to see!

Photo by Flickr user ‘David Holt London' (creative commons)

Photo by Flickr user ‘David Holt London’ (creative commons)

Barcelona, Spain

This city is especially friendly and easy-going and many travellers arrive solo. These travellers will quickly find that the whole city is ready to party with whoever else wants to join in, whether they are a stranger or not. Like Berlin, there is plenty to see so you can head to the spots that you want to and a quiet afternoon alone in a small Barcelona tapas bar is one of the best ways to pass a sunny summer afternoon.

Image by Flickr user ‘James & Vilija’ (creative commons)

Image by Flickr user ‘James & Vilija’ (creative commons)

If you’re convinced now and ready to set off on your solo adventure then get planning now. Book your flights early to get a cheaper deal and take a look at GowithOh which rents apartments in these cities and you’ll be good to go. Happy travelling!







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