Cutting The Cord: Financial Closure For Freebirds

Shedding all of your burdens and making the jump into a new life is an exciting, scary and exhilarating proposition for many. Whether that’s becoming a nomad, or simply taking a long trip away. The thought is of not being tied down to a particular nest and instead being able to move to any corner of the globe. Nearly every profession can be nomadic these days, so for those thinking about it, there’s little excuse – but one. Money.

Money can often be the sticking point to any adventure. What to do with what you have, or what you don’t have. There are straightforward ways to manage your health before you travel, and the internet has a bottomless pit of knowledge. What, though, do you do with your money?

Debt and Commitments

Many people are tied down to their homes by debt. Student loans, credit card debts, poor financial decisions and large purchases can create an environment in which debt dictates your life. For those in this situation and looking to cut loose, there are options. You can sell assets to raise capital, for instance. Or, as the AAA Credit Guide ( has suggested, negotiating with a third party and your creditors to settle a debt permanently is also a great idea.

Sustainability Worries

Another bugbear of many travellers is worries concerning what they’ll do when they’re abroad. After a lifetime of the same thing, it can be scary to think about earning an income in a different culture. This shouldn’t be an issue for competent, confident and qualified people. As we’ve covered above, many roles can be done from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. On the same note, the internet has knowledge everywhere on tapping into international job markets and finding opportunities to keep yourself afloat and happy.

Bear in mind, also, that many countries have far lower living costs and you may be able to sustain your quality of life for less.

The Future

One worry that many travellers have is how their future will pan out. Again, a familiar culture will show you exactly how to save, what paths to take, where you should be going and how to get there. The thing with travelling is that you can’t necessarily follow a rigorous plan. The culture might be too different, or you could expect different things. Instead, use technology to help your budget, live everyday and save money – see where your heart takes you.

Cutting the cord loose and travelling around the world is a dream many hold, but the prospect of money worries holds them back. It shouldn’t, and won’t, if you keep your eye on your dreams and follow these simple guidelines.