Dubai – Global Village

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai

What comes to your mind when you think of Dubai? Sheikhs, huge buildings, Arabic decor, buzzing markets, belly dancing and food. Dubai is much more than that. Ever thought of going out on a vacation there? Well if not here are the perfect reasons to make you book a ticket to Dubai in your next adventure journey. With the emirates built and converted into a cosmopolitan metro place, you will never feel uncomfortable in your journey. You will surely bump into a fellow traveler from your own country or region. There are many places to visit in Dubai such as the Global Village Dubai. Dubai is a beautiful place to hang around so if you want to go lazy but also have fun, this place would be the right choice for you. Just make sure to sort out a Dubai Visa Online before you head out to make sure you have no issues when entering.

Global Village Dubai

Global village Dubai will offer you the perfect mixture of different culture where each culture is given its due recognition. You will find Asian dance troops like from India as well as Muslim festivals being celebrated in the same place. It is recognized as the most important hub for cultural meets in Dubai. If you are shopaholic Global village Dubai would be the right place to indulge in yourself as it also associated with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Multi cultural events form the main component in this village. You can enjoy varieties as diverse as form Bollywood to performances from Ghana and West Africa. It is also a fun place for youngsters as there are several theme parks with fun rides, roller coasters, horror parks and many more.

Exploit your taste buds

You will never be bored in the Global Village. Global village will also exploit your taste buds with its 25 different restaurants and cafes. These serve foods that are culturally diverse just like its entertainment. You can American recipes with an Arabic flavor, oven baked pastries done in the traditional way, exotic Asian food delicacies not to forget its south Indian recipes such as the Bombay sandwiches and fresh Falooda juices. If you are a lover of biryani and kebabs Global Village won’t let you down.  You can also shop for different articles such as clothes, jewelry and bags which would reflect the traditional Arabic styles.


Global village has the best of the facilities for lodging as it caters to thousands of international visitors every year. There are many hotels with world class facilities and comfort. The best part is that these hotels offer around 50% discounts to your fares. This gives you another big reason to visit the place. The best time to visit the place would be the months from November to April.  The weather in the place is hot. So you need to protect yourself in the day time. You can reach global village from Dubai by hiring private cars, or boarding a bus or a metro train as it is 15-18km from the central city in the Emirates.

So you have really good reasons to visit global village Dubai. You can take for granted that you would be paying it a second visit soon in your life.