Making Memories With Your Family in Bali

People love to travel with their families, as family holidays together are some of the best ways to make fun and lovely memories that none of you will ever forget. Family holidays for children are some of the best memories that stick with them for the rest of their lives. If you are travelling from Australia, one of the best destinations to visit with your family is Bali. With direct flights available from most major Australian cities, you can be there in less than four hours and ready to have some family fun. We’ve listed some of the best ways to make amazing memories with your family in Bali.

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  1. Get Competitive:

If you are staying in Bali villas Seminyak, you will be glad to hear that there are plenty of fun and exciting activities to get involved in. Whether you’re racing jet skis with your teenagers or all trying to surf the waves together, there’s definitely enough to keep the whole family entertained with something to do on holiday in Bali.

  1. Visit An Attraction:

When visiting Bali, you will be able to visit a huge range of different attractions, from active temples to safari parks and monkey sanctuaries. With something suitable for both adults and kids of all ages, if you fancy a change from playing on the beach and want to explore a little more of the island, you certainly won’t be disappointed. If you’re into architecture and historic sites, the temples are a must-see, whilst animal lovers should make an effort to go to the monkey sanctuaries, safari park and aquarium.

  1. Attend a Cooking Class:

Balinese people are passionate about their food, and if you are staying in a popular tourist area such as Seminyak, you will be able to find a range of interesting cooking classes in the area, some of which might even be family friendly! This is an excellent activity to take part in in Bali if you are travelling with teenagers, who’ll surely be able to impress their friends with their amazing culinary skills when they return home.

  1. Take a Boat Ride:

You can find a range of cruise and boat tours available when on holiday in Bali. Most of these are suitable for families, and many are part of day trips and excursions to neighbouring islands, for example, the stunning tropical island of Lembongan, or a waterfall tour with dolphin watching. Or, if you’re up for something even more exciting, why not try the Voyage of Fantasy Bali submarine tour?

  1. Visit Waterbom:

Last but not least, no family trip to Bali is complete without a visit to the famous Waterbom water park. Here, you can find water rides, slides, pools and other activities with something suitable for both kids and adults of all ages, making the perfect destination for memorable family fun!

Do you enjoy visiting and exploring Bali with your family? We’d love to hear what you enjoy getting up to – share your favourite recommendations in the comments!

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