Inspiring island interiors

Spanish tile makes for inspiring island interiors ... photo by CC user Dschag via wikipedia


When it comes to Spanish and Mediterranean interior design and style, there are many things to enjoy and appreciate. It offers a clean and open design combined with timeless beauty and old world charm. Here are some ideas to get you started with a makeover based on inspiring island interiors…


The Spanish and Mediterranean style incorporates beautiful stonework into the home. This can be achieved with a rustic fireplace or wall. For those that don’t have any existing stonework in their home, there is the option of artificial stone that is almost impossible to tell from the real thing. It can be applied over an interior wall for an authentic look in no time. For those lucky enough to have some stone or brick in their home, make sure to bring attention to it. This can be done by centring seating around it or hanging plants.

Window treatments

The right window treatments can frame a window and help make your home more comfortable by giving you more control over lighting and glare. Fashionable shutters have long been a tradition in Spanish interiors. Try wooden shutters for a traditional look of outstanding beauty.

Textured walls

Plaster walls can be faked by innovative texturizers that can be sprayed onto walls and then painted. There are also paints that have texture built into them. This can quickly make your walls look like true plaster. Many people choose white or brown tones so that they have a neutral base to work from for the rest of their interior design. Bright oranges and reds are also popular choices for wall colours.

Colourful tile work

Beautiful tile work is one of the cornerstones of any tastefully decorated Spanish style interior. Spanish homes often have tile work in the kitchen area where it performs double duty as a heat shield and splashguard. Stair risers and hearths are other popular areas for tile. You can also add framed tile artwork for decoration to add the look of tile without hiring a professional tile layer.

Used wood furniture adds authenticity and charm

Antique or older styles of furniture can help the interior of your home feel authentic. Somewhat worn pieces can add a nice touch. Just make sure that older furniture is usable. A few creaks and wobbles can often be repaired with a bit of wood glue and a clamp. Try to find wood furniture that incorporates darker tones that contrast well with the colour in your walls.

Wrought iron lighting

The type of lighting you require will depend on the size of your home. For example, smaller areas can be overwhelmed by a chandelier that is too large. For a Spanish interior, look for wrought iron lighting that speaks of the past. A chandelier over a beautiful dark wood plank dining table can make a rustic and charming dining experience for your family and guests. Wrought iron sconces can help light hallways and other small spaces. Candelabras can also add old world charm wherever you place them.

Keep it simple

While some wall decorations are charming, avoid too much clutter on walls and living spaces. Spanish interior design is meant to have a clean and airy feel that is open. There is beauty in simplicity and carefully chosen decorative features.