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Questions to consider before the big move

When planning your move to another country, it’s easy to get caught up in the heady excitement of all the choice and possibility. Suddenly places that seemed only a fantasy are very real possibilities as cities you might call home. But slow down before you get caught up in the romance of it. There are

How to make the most of a move

Everyone has good intentions when they move to a new city. Whether it’s 10 minutes away from your hometown, across the country or across the world, a move to a new home symbolizes a new beginning – if you take advantage of it. Hokey as it may sound, weeding through your belongings, packing up the

Ex-pat destination: Chile

South America: depending on who you ask, it sounds like a paradise filled with good weather, great food and attractive people, or a dangerous, crime-infested no-go zone. For ex-pats willing to look past the stereotypes, South America offers a wealth of beautiful, exciting places to live where they can enjoy a great, and affordable, quality

Doing your homework before the big move

I moved overseas almost three years ago, and have been an ex-pat ever since. I still remember the giddy feeling that enveloped me when I realized that I was really doing this, that I was really moving overseas. Leading up to the move, I was more excited than nervous, and felt certain that whatever problems