A List of Don’ts for Women on Bicycles

Top Tips on How to Choose Your Hotel

Going on vacation can be a great opportunity to relax, have fun and spend some quality time with people you love and appreciate. Yet, if you want to plan your own holiday, you will have to make sure that you make the best choices when it comes to the basic things your holiday will consist

5 Unforgettable Adventures in Europe

Of course we all love to sit on a beach every now and again, lapping up the glorious sunshine as the waves gently roll in. Who doesn’t? But we all also know that it can get a bit monotonous. There’s only so much lying on our backs looking towards the Mediterranean sun – least of

Viva Las Vegas!

Let’s face it – you’re going to go to Las Vegas at least once in your life. Thereafter; it’s a love it or hate it type of thing – you either keep coming back again and again, or once is quite enough depending on your disposition. A trip to Vegas can be very much a

Stuck at home for the World Cup?

With just three weeks left to go before the kick-off match of the Brazilian World Cup, if you don’t have your visa, tickets and passport by the door, it’s unlikely that you’ll be going to watch the World Cup in Brazil itself. If you’re feeling bad about not getting to be there in person, then

Sporting events worth travelling for

There are so many great sports events going on around the world that it would be impossible to ever get to see them all – but there are some that it’s worth making the effort to see in person at least once in your life. Here we list just a few of them: The FIFA

Hidden (and Quiet) Vacation Gems

The great national parks are terrific for a reason. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho; Yosemite in California and Olympic National Park in Washington all have tremendous appeal and well-known features. But what they also have is visitors and lots of them. The most popular national park is Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North

7 Exciting Places For The Family Holiday This Summer

BRITISH ISLES The British Isles provide great avenues for incredible family holidays, from the famed capital of London littered with iconic landmarks, to the spectacular countryside of Cotswolds and the stunning west coast with its wealth of isles, your family will definitely find a great location with everything for everyone. Whether you are seeking an

4 Destinations Perfect For a Romantic Escape

KENYA   Kenya is a beautiful country with a host of options for romantic getaways; it is no wonder that even the royalty could not resist its alluring beauty. Prince William proposed to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton in Kenya in a picturesque location tucked away in the northern slopes of Mt Kenya. From

3 Inspirational Ideas For a Working Holiday

TURTLE CONSERVATION IN COSTA RICA You may be bored or exhausted of working endless hours in an office right in the central business district of a busy city and all you take in through the day is the noise of hooting cars and tired smiles of overworked colleagues. Well may be all need is a