Five Countries Where Tailor Made Tours Make All The Difference

Turkmenistan  Turkmenistan is one of the unusual destinations in Asia which is an inspiring mixture of fiercely modern and the staunchly traditional cultural and architectural influences. It has a wide variety of attractions ranging from ancient history, diverse landscapes and intriguing cultures. It is a country that has been through numerous civilizations which have left

Traditional Cuisine of the Algarve

Eating out in the Algarve can be quite an experience, and many discover a broad range of traditional Portuguese food and international cuisine. Because the Algarve is so popular, it’s a well-known tourist destination; therefore, you will find more than enough restaurants to satisfy your palate. The traditional cuisine of the Algarve is reasonably cheap

5 Of the Best Bars in London

London can be a confusing city when trying to find great bars to stop in and have a drink. Around every street corner, there are a huge variety of bars from which to choose without any sign as to which ones are actually worth the trouble. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are

UK Family Road Trips – Jack Kerouac style

In today’s troubled economy, everyone is looking for cheaper ways to travel and have fun. It can be especially expensive if you have a large family and want to travel. However, there are still plenty of budget-friendly ways to have fun as a family. You can just rent a caravan and drive around the country

Australia – you’re spoilt for choice

You’re planning a trip to Australia? Quite difficult to decide where to go. From pulsating metropolises like Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne to the lonesome and endless prairies of the Outback, you can experience a wide range of cultural highlights and natural beauties. Here just one proposal for a tour in the southeast of this great

Visit Murano on your next trip to Venice

Many people, when thinking of what to buy as a souvenir of their Venice city break, will think of Murano glass. Other people will never of heard of Murano and will perhaps wonder if they are missing out on a well-kept secret of this popular city. So, what or where is Murano? Murano is, in

Is Hiring a Travel Agent a Good Idea?

On a trip to Montreal, an acquaintance was marooned for two extra days due to a blizzard. Montreal is not a bad city to get stuck in; there are lots of great restaurants and things to do even in knee-deep snow, but the added costs and stress of the unexpected delay takes a toll. Weather

5 Reasons why Las Vegas can make a Great Family Holiday

You may think that because Las Vegas is the world center of gambling, nightlife and burlesque shows, it’s a nightmare for a family getaway. Think again, because Las Vegas has so many attractions that make it a wonderful family vacation destination. Located in the state of Nevada, USA, there’s a lot more to Vegas that

The most expensive stag weekend in the world

Men have changed. For some, the traditional stag weekend of dressing up, drinking, playing pranks and chasing girls has become de rigueur. This new man wants to be treated like an individual, expects more and is looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’ve all seen films like ‘The Hangover’ and understand that all the money in the world can’t stop a

Safety Travel Tips for Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and tourists are blown away by its beauty. Whilst being one of the safest places to travel in South East Asia, like any other country, some dangers may be lurking if you’re not paying enough attention to your safety and well-being. This post provides