Exploring the Southwest: Tours You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Grand Canyon

Trekking the great heights of the Grand Canyon is a must for every person in the world with wanderlust. Its marvelous landscapes and geological wonders, according to the National Parks Service, attract five million visitors annually. Aside from the Grand Canyon, other tourist spots in the Southwest are the Hoover Dam and several Native American settlements that are valuable to the culture and identity of the region. According to DialAFlight, Colorado is the place where tourists will see “see those colossal mountains and their awesome vistas (which) are impossible to avoid where ever you travel in the state.” To learn more about the ways on how you can enjoy America’s dry regions, we provided some great ways to explore the destinations in Southwestern United States. If you’re coming from outside the US, make sure to check if you need  visa first and apply for it a head of time, this website provides great info on US visas, https://usa-esta.us/

Airplane Tour

Discover the beauty of the Hoover Dam via a 50 minute airplane flight from the Grand Canyon. The tour includes a 4-mile bus ride that goes from the Hualapai Indian Reservation, with quick stops at Eagle and Guano point. Lunch is served at Guano point. Aside from touring the settlements of Native Americans, visitors can also have a chance to enjoy the Skywalk at Eagle point. Meanwhile, you can also have a bird’s eye view of the entire region through numerous chopper services in the area.

Bus Tours

It is said the bus tours are the most convenient way to discover and enjoy the sights of the Grand Canyon. Bus tours which start at the South Rim or West Rim use air-conditioned buses for a 4-hour long travel. Travel packages offered also include a photo stop at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge and allot another 3 hours at the South Rim.

Walk Tours

If you feel like enjoying your Grand Canyon stay in a more practical way, walk tours are definitely your option. From the Skywalk to a glass walkway which extends to the end of West Rim, it is certainly one of the most breathtaking views in the Grand Canyon. Walk tours also feature a  South Rim Hiking Adventure, a four-mile trek on the South Kaibab trail.